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  1. Prepare yourself!

    Guys, don't be babies. It's no big deal. Personally, I'm glad to see dragon-types FINALLY get a weakness, and Poison-types to FINALLY gain more advantages. You can go ahead and whine about how lame it is, but you're missing the fun of getting a whole new type! This is opening up whole new avenues of strategies and fun. It's been a while since new types have been added, but can't you remember how fun it was to figure ...

    Until they decide that I did terribly and have to re-sit some... ._.

    Well, I'm back, and I hope to be a bit more active around here! No more time will be spent on studying, so I'm in the safe :D

    Any recent news on me? Um... It's been a week since the 100 milestone and I've almost got 130 - people really seem to like watching me do nipple push ups xD

    Anyway, I'm hoping to help out the activity of the site! Because I'm cool like that... yeah...
  3. Judge Dredd and Gotta Catch Em' All in PXR...Really Really Long Blog

    Since the formation of the this forum, I have been getting asked two questions over and over. When am I going to join PXR and when will I be moving GCEA from PE2K to PXR? For those of you unfamiliar with me. I was Judge Dredd on PE2K. Since 2008 I had devoted myself to doing whatever I could to helping PE2K. With the help of many legendary battlers I worked my way into a mod position in the battling center. I cherished the job and worked hard for the poor battling center. A couple of months later ...
  4. Toons, Toons and more Toons

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    A little before Easter I started creating a board for my class room. The idea was to make a board that would catch peoples eyes. Since I work with high students we decided to go with cartoons. The images of the above only showcase a little of how big this board has gotten.

    The Toon/Anime cut out count is about 1500 at this ...
  5. Weird Biology #2

    Today in my entomology class I was introduced to a rather... interesting critter that I think that I would rather not meet. Ever.

    That is totally real. Have I mentioned that I don't like wasps or flying things that hurt you?

    Anyway, this is the Tarantula hawk; as it name suggest, this wasp (the females, at least) will hunt tarantulas, sting them, then carry the ...
  6. Weird Biology #1

    Being a student in Biology, you often get to hear about weird and wacky things plants/animals can do. Despite all the other (hard) stuff you have to work around, it's always rewarding to learn something new.

    Today, for instance, I was doing some reading for my evolution class and I came across the "vampire finch". Yep. Vampire. Finch. Turns out, those two words can go together.

    Native to the Galapagos, vampire finches often target blue-footed boobies. They'll ...
  7. I did that 100 Subscribers "Special"

    And I had a lot of fun doing it xD I hope I make some of you laugh (because I know some people won't like it, haha), if not, feel free to launch a ton of insults at me :L

    100 Subscribers Special

    Again, thanks for helping me get to 100 subscribers! I know some of you guys helped out, so it means a lot ^_^

  8. So... I hit 100 Subscribers

    I decided to upload an update video because I hadn't been on YouTube for ages (was taking a break for exams and stuff). I check my Subscribers after an hour or two, and I see that I've hit 100.

    Now, I know 100 isn't really much, but to a small channel like mine, it means the world to me. I'm so proud of where my channel has come so far ^^;

    I also do plan on doing a video dedicated on 100 Subscribers, but I'm going to do so anytime after tomorrow - YouTube sometimes
  9. Computers are Stupid, Fire Emblem is Awesome

    So, it looks like I'm going to have to reboot Windows 7 on my computer... I've had a hard time updating my system or downloading drivers, thanks to my AVG problem. I took it into a computer repair service on my campus, and all they did was uninstall AVG and put on a new antivirus thing. Well, that did nothing to solve my problem, so it looks like I'm going to have to wipe everything clean off my computer.

    ...I have so much junk on this thing. I'm going to hate backing everything ...
  10. GTS

    I think I'm hating the GTS and I have only been on there once so far in Black 2. I look for some non english pokemon of certain egg groups and they want all legendaries some under level 9! They don't come that low! lol or just insane things. I wish I had alot more level 100 ho-oh's or nincada's!

    sorry I'm venting my rage at this. Thanks for listening and that is all!

    -takes a bow-