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  1. Agrassitem's Avatar
    Solid starting team, quite the catch
  2. Agrassitem's Avatar
    Eyyyyy, doing me like this when I am new. tch, I'll see ya around.
  3. Agrassitem's Avatar
    One day Robin Hood has to retire and pay taxes like every other man. Cant take away an eye like his though.
    Ride the horse and know it, you will know yourself and adapt.

    Worst Case scenario means you learn the rules to know how to break them.
  4. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Hey dude, thanks for sharing that life update! Yeah, COVID-19 has been a big suck for everyone, including me, though I enjoy the working from home aspect as opposed to lugging my butt all the way to the office.

    That's nifty about the wrestling stuff, though! And hey, I'm still playing Let's Go, Eevee, which I recently picked back up after a long hiatus. Well, glad to see you're still doing pretty well.

    Cheers and good times, dude! :D