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Ho oh Reborn

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It seems Fate has rubbed off on me, i guess i am too much like Ho Oh than i realize. Maybe i should change my name to Ho Oh.

Suicune's Fire told me never to disappear like Fate, i broke my promise lol

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  1. LKWayvern's Avatar
    I mean
    Sacred Fire's already a Ho-oh-y name, since it's Ho-oh's signature move and all
  2. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    Aw come on mate, Sacred Fire is a good name. Either way stick around. STAY.
  3. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Yes, STAY WITH US! Our cookies are always better!
  4. Chakramaster's Avatar
    I still gotta message Fate later. Make sure he's doing okay.

    Either way. STAAAAAAY! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!
  5. Fate's Avatar
    Keep me out of your insanity, boi.
  6. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Never mind what I said. I disappeared. XD

    But yeah dude I feel like your name pretty much already is Ho-oh except that Sacred Fire is a cooler name. (No offence, fire bird god. Pls don't smite me! ;A;)
  7. AD's Avatar
    Cool beans, okay.
    @Suicune's Fire
    PXR lost it's fires? That had to have sucked. I wonder how cold it was
  8. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Sacred Fire It must have been as cold as WINTER HERE IN AUSTRALIA.
  9. AD's Avatar
    @Suicune's Fire
    Yea, I heard it has been positively frigid there, a friend of mine froze her **** off.
  10. AD's Avatar
    You can't type a r s e and it nettles me
  11. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    @Sacred Fire I feel your pain. xD And yes it has been frightfully cold! I mean for Melbourne.