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Neo Emolga

Detective Pikachu - A Friendly Emolga's Review (Spoiler Free!)

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I'm sure you're all wondering how this Detective Pikachu movie is. Well, you're in luck, because I just saw it!

So on this lovely gray-skied Thursday afternoon, I went out to see Detective Pikachu and was looking forward to it all day. Of course once I was on line, I had the fun of trying to get my clunky phone's internet connection trying to work in order to bring up the digital ticket while at the counter. But eventually after some growling, I got it to work and it appeared! And when I went to scan it, wheeee, turns out I ordered the ticket for the wrong theater and it was three towns over. Yay me! The movie was starting at 4pm and it was already 3:50. I quickly blitzed back to my car, drove like a nutso to the right theater, thankfully found a parking spot quickly, and got my ticket scanned. It said the movie would start at 4pm and here it was 4:15. Thankfully the only things I missed were just a few coming attraction movie trailers. Easily acceptable losses.

So once the fun started, the magic word I was hoping to see in action for this movie was this. Integration. Did they really pull it off getting Pokémon to truly appear to be a part of the world around them and interact with humans in a believable, lifelike way?

They sure did!

Everything down from Pikachu's fur to the feathers of the Braviary and Pidgeots and the Charizard's scales. They finally nailed it with this one where so many fan movies totally floundered with the execution. Careful detail was also considered with shading, lighting, interaction with the environment, and just about everything these Pokémon did. The special effects and CGI were definitely evident, but they are exceptionally well done. You could swear it would make perfect sense to see Pokémon out in the streets upon leaving the theater.

I won't spoil the storyline, but in my personal opinion, some parts of it were predictable, other parts not so much. I doubt anyone would be able to completely predict how it all goes down, though. It gets crazy but it's enjoyable and even if you're just there to see what Pokémon would look like in reality, you're in good hands. It's good fun and Pikachu's expressions are priceless. Also, it was nice and awesome to see my favorite Pokémon, Emolga, make quite a few background appearances! You'll see them if you watch this movie! A LOT of poor Pokémon didn't get the chance to be featured in this, so I'm glad Emolga was one of the lucky select few that got in there!

All in all, there was only one really disappointing thing about this movie. I wanted MORE. The two hours goes by so quickly and it's rough when it's over. It's a fun, action-packed romp the whole way through and while I'm sure Pokémon fans would likely get many more of the references in there and have more appreciation for it, it's fun even if the only Pokémon you know is Pikachu (and who doesn't know Pikachu?).

I can definitely recommend it, but I can assure you you'll likely leave the theater wanting more and wanting another live-action Pokémon movie. I had my doubts when I first heard they were making an official live-action Pokémon movie, but they solidly proved with this one that it can be done and be done right.

So if and when you can, check it out! You'll swear you can almost feel Pikachu riding on your shoulders.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    I'm really glad it was good!! I was going to go last night but the session I wanted was already sold out! I'm glad it seems to be doing well, that means they might make more! :)
  2. Kentucky Fried Torchic's Avatar
    I saw the film on Tuesday, and while I certainly enjoyed it, I did have a few criticisms.

    Chief among those was that I did not find any of the characters, save for the titular Pikachu, to be figures of any depth or worth much emotional investment. I know that the appeal of Pokemon is that it is supposed to be very easy for the audience to insert themselves into the world, but there was a strong lack of weight to the human characters to the point that I don't even remember the main characters first name. (I did chuckle a bit at the pun in his last name, so that stayed with me.) There were also some plot elements that seemed very contrived and not very well-thought-out, that I will refrain from going into detail about. But suffice to say, I had to wonder if the writers were trying to welcome the audience in on a joke or if they actually thought that they were being clever when bandying about some sci-fi concepts as catch-alls. Finally, I was shocked to see some very adult humor in a film that was ostensibly aimed at children. Some jokes and light swearing seemed very much in-character for Pokemon fanworks, but out of the norm for something directly managed by the brand. I suppose that's what casting Ryan Reynolds gets you. There was a scene in particular with a Lickitung that physically repulsed me. It was as off-putting as the scene of Luke Skywalker fondling some weird dumb alien in The Last Jedi while it moaned in pleasure and then drinking its milk, and was just as necessary to the movie, which is to say, not at all. I swear, Hollywood...

    All that being said, there were some very good parts! First of all, as Neo said, they did a phenomenal job of making the Pokemon and human interactions in the physical world look natural and pleasing to the eye (even if there are some serious socio-economic criticisms to be made of this whole "Ryme City" project). Seeing Pokemon not only fly and fight, but also walk and talk in three dimensions was a real treat. Now there is no reason not to make a Pokemon Colosseum reboot or sequel, right? The humor was extremely well-dispersed as well. Only a few jokes failed to land in my theater, and there were some that had my friends and I rolling in the aisles. "Detective Pikachu" single-handedly redeemed Mr. Mime for me, which is no mean feat.

    Overall, I say it was bretty gud, and give it a respectable 4/5. At its worst, it's a Pokemon movie, so don't expect too much in terms of plot, cinematography, or sense. At its best, it's a Pokemon movie, so don't worry about all that junk! Lace up your Running Shoes, grab your Pokedex, and dive into a world populated by the creatures that you know and love.
  3. roo's Avatar
    i just saw it tonight! i was pretty wary at first but i'm glad i saw it :)
  4. Noblejanobii's Avatar
    [spoilers below]

    God that ditto THOUGH it was like the forum event from way back come to life I was SO unnerved