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My trip to South West France

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Hello everybody! As you already know, I went to South West France this week. Now that I'm back from my trip, I thought I could write a blog entry about it.

June 25, 2019 :

Shortly after I landed at Bordeaux-Mérignac airport in the afternoon, the passport controller called me by my first name, which I really appreciated. Then, I took the bus to Bordeaux-Saint-Jean train station, where I happily met up with my friend. I recognized her immediately thanks to her Angry Birds T-shirt.
That’s when we took the bus to Talence. When we arrived there, we went to her apartment and I left my luggage there. I also gave her a present : a small rainbow rabbit plush. She really liked the gift.
Then, we went to the Peixotto park, where we saw pigeons, ducks and black geese. My friend took pictures of them and she also took a selfie of both of us. After that, we went to the supermarket in order to buy breakfast food for me. Finally, we went back to my friend’s apartment.

As it was still too early to go to my Airbnb, we stayed in the apartment for a while. During this time, I shiny hunted Squirtle in Pokemon Yellow.
Around 7 PM, we went to my Airbnb. After exchanging some text messages with the host, I got the key, which was in a lock box. Then, I left my luggage in the accommodation.
Afterwards, my friend and I went back to the supermarket in order to buy the ingredients of the dinner.

After these purchases, we went back to her apartment, where we ate toasts with cucumber and cheese, as well as bananas. This dinner was delicious.
To conclude the day, my friend kindly accompanied me back to my Airbnb. I took some time to settle into it before going to bed.

June 26, 2019 :

At 10 AM, I happily met up with my friend in front of my Airbnb. After buying food for the day in a sandwich shop, we went to her apartment and she took her video game consoles with her. Then, we went back to my air-conditioned Airbnb, where we spent the entire day in order to avoid the heatwave. My friend says that it was a "bunker day".

First of all, she did some catching tests of Azelf on her Platinum and White 2 games, while I shiny hunted Squirtle.
Then, we completed the Manaphy egg mission on my Pokemon Ranger game (R4 card) and I sent a copy of that egg to my friend’s Platinum game. The mission was so difficult that I would not have been able to complete it alone.
After transferring the egg to the Sinnoh region, we had lunch. I ate a vegetarian salad and some fruit. I really liked this lunch.

In the afternoon, we tested our auditory memory during the Pokemon music quiz and the Pokemon cries quiz. These quizzes were fun, even though recognizing Pokemon cries in Alpha Sapphire is not always easy.
We also played Mario Kart DS, looked at the illustrated book "All cats have Asperger syndrome", battled in the Battle Maison and shiny hunted (Azelf and Squirtle). I also cloned my friend’s shiny Raticate in Pokemon Gold. I really enjoyed these activities.
When I had to go to the toilet, my friend went out of the accommodation because I didn’t want her to hear me peeing (or worse).

For dinner, I ate a vegetarian burger and a fruit salad. The fruit salad was good, but I didn’t really like the vegetarian burger. So, I was not going to buy this product again.
Around 8 PM, after some more shiny hunting, my friend left my Airbnb. I had a fantastic day with her.

June 27, 2019 :

At 10 AM, I happily met up with my friend in front of my Airbnb. We bought food in the supermarket for that day and the following day. Then, we went to my friend’s apartment, she put her sandwich in the fridge and we went back to my Airbnb for another "bunker day".

First of all, we listened to songs together. I particularly liked the song "Moi, j'adore partir ŕ poil ŕ l'aventure dans la foręt" ("I love going on adventures naked in the forest"), which I didn’t know before finding out about it thanks to my friend…
Then, we took some selfies. Some of them were taken with the negative filter. It was very funny.
After that, we did another Pokemon cries quiz, this time with the Pokedex of the Black version. I easily recognized the Pokemon cries, probably thanks to my auditory memory and my sensitive hearing. However, it was more difficult for my friend to identify Pokemon cries : for example, she told me that she can’t hear the difference between Golem and Granbull’s cries, and between Minun and Jirachi’s cries.

Afterwards, we had lunch. I ate a lentil salad, some cucumber and a banana. The salad was good but not exceptional, while the rest of the meal was delicious.
After eating, we continued the battles in the Battle Maison. It was a pleasure to defeat the Battle Chatelaines together.
Then, we shiny hunted (Azelf and Alolan Sandshrew) until 3 PM. That’s when we watched the live video about Pokemon Masters. Then, around 3:20 PM, I did the online check-in for my flight of the following day.
After that, we resumed our shiny hunting… until my friend found a shiny Azelf in White 2 in the late afternoon after only 750 soft resets! We laughed a lot, she was trembling and I was so happy for her. It was a pleasure for me to participate in the video of that shiny Pokemon : she easily caught it and I won the nature guess. Then, we take a picture of both of us with the shiny Azelf : "But first, let me take Azelf-ie!".
As this Pokemon appeared in White 2, my friend saw it in Platinum and therefore got the National Pokedex in that game. Then, she explored the island on the north east of Sinnoh, while I finished my series of 500 Alolan Sandshrew encounters. After I finished it, I resumed my Squirtle shiny hunt.

For dinner, I ate shredded carrots, a quinoa salad and a fruit salad. I really liked the fruit salad, while the rest of the meal was good but not exceptional.
After the meal, my friend continued her exploration and I continued the soft resets of Squirtle. When my friend unlocked Heatran, she collected her belongings and left my Airbnb. I had just had another wonderful day with her.

June 28, 2019 :

At 9 AM, after I gathered my belongings and cleaned the Airbnb, my friend picked me up. That’s when we exchanged sheets of paper on which we had written messages for each other. I loved this exchange.
Then, I gave back the key of the Airbnb and we walked to my friend’s apartment. Effectively, she wanted to make sure that the window was closed, which was the case. After that, we took the bus to Bordeaux-Saint-Jean train station.
We waited there until the bus to Bordeaux-Mérignac airport arrived. When it arrived, we went our separate ways.
It was a wonderful trip. I loved meeting my friend in real life. May my friendship with her last for a very long time!

If you have any questions about my trip, please feel free to ask them.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Scytherwolf's Avatar
    That's so cool you had a great trip and got to meet a friend!

    And I LOVE that you read the "All cats have Asperger syndrome" book. That's a classic in my family. XD
  2. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Scytherwolf Thank you for your comment! That book was one of my Christmas presents last year. xD It's a great book!
  3. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Sounds like you had a great time with your friend! :) I heard it's been very hot in France, lucky you had airconditioning in your Airbnb!
  4. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    That sounds like a wonderful few days! :D And yeah, I heard it was really hot in France too! 45 degrees! It rarely gets that hot here in summer. Good to have a bunker day when the sun is threatening to melt you outside. xD

    Hahaha, "Azelf-ie." Good one. xD I'm glad you had such a nice time with your friend!
  5. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah @Suicune's Fire Thank you for your comments! Yes, it was very hot in France... At least, I got to enjoy the summer before going to Melbourne. xD I can't wait to meet you there!