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I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

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Hi guys,
So by the title of this you already know what this blog is about.
For context for others who might not have seen my posts about it, I went for a job interview for a graphic design position just over a week ago, and they told me that they were hoping for more experience, however, my portfolio was amazing so they gave me a chance. Within 45 minutes of being out of the interview, they asked me back for a second stage interview where I had to do some design work for them so they can see my skills and how I work. That was yesterday.

Today, I got a call from them and they said in their own words. "We never intended on hiring a graduate but you have just blown us away." and they offered me the job. It begins on the 5th August but they want me to come in two days a week for three weeks to get used to the office and the co-workers. I am beyond happy. It's amazing!

When I was starting to lose my confidence as a designer, this happens and pumps it back up again.
This probably means I might be posting a bit less (not even sure how that is possible considering I am almost non existent on here lol) as it is a 9-5 job that involves an hours commute so it is more like 7:30-6:30. R.I.P Me.

And here, of course are the other reasons I had an excuse to make a blog post. Bo.
There is a picture of him eating and it is a tad gruesome, so just be warned. (He struck the mouse but it sort of exploded and blood went everywhere)

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar

    I'll admit I've been following your progress on that job and THAT ROCKS THAT YOU GOT IT! You're going to do great! That's GOTTA feel good to hear them say you blew them away, but I'm not surprised, your stuff is awesome!

    All the best with the new job and taking this great big step in your career!
  2. Cleobel's Avatar
    @Coru Congratulations on getting the job! Good luck with it! And Bo is so cute. :3
  3. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    That's wonderful news, congratulations!!! It sounds like such an amazing opportunity, I'm so happy for you! You should update your art thread if you have anything new! I'd love to see what you've been up to! :)
  4. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Also Bo is pretty cool! Does he like to be handled?
  5. Coru's Avatar
    @Neo Emolga Thank you!!! This week was also New Designers, an exibition in London but our uni only chooses the top 10 of the class to go and I didn't make it, so to hear that makes me feel so much better about myself. I messaged my lecturer and she said she was so happy that she told everyone at the exhibition. I doubt they appreciated that as none of them got job offers :/. haha @Cleobel Thank you!!! I know he is, I just wished he stayed this small and cute forever haha. @Pokemon Trainer Sarah Thank you!!! I went in for a few hours yesterday so they could see how I worked and the atmosphere and stuff was so nice, I could see myself being really happy working there so I'm so happy they wanted me too. I haven't done much art, it's more layout design and other stuff like that but if you guys want to see it i'll post it on my thread for you guys to see. I personally think some of it's quite interesting. I can't really tell but Bo does seem to love it. When I get him out he does coil around my hand for a while which is a sign of nervousness but after a while he calms down and loves to explore, he's such a curious snake haha.
  6. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Aww Bo sounds like so much fun! Do you let him wander around the house or is it too dangerous for him? Can he move very fast?

    I'd be really interested to see your layout designs and stuff!
  7. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Coru that's so awesome!! I'm so happy for you! :D And yeah, those work hours and travel time sound a little tough, but if it's doing what you love, hopefully it'll be all worth it! :D I hope all goes well with it!

    Omg Bo. <3 He's so adorable! xD Also, how do you feel about feeding him mice and such? Is it difficult, or do you get used to it quickly?
  8. Coru's Avatar
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah He's a little small at the moment to wander around too much but because my lounge is very open and there's a lot of space I let him explore in there as long as he doesn't go under the sofas haha. He's so small that he could easily wiggle into small holes so I have to keep a careful eye on him. When he's bigger I will let him wander though. He isn't a fast snake so he would probably just slowly find somewhere to chill. @Suicune's Fire Thank you! I'm hoping it'll be worth it, haha. I'm super excited though. I think that once I get used to it, it shouldn't be too bad, I should just get used to not doing much free stuff during the week lol. Bo's too adorable for words haha. He's starting to go through a shed at the moment so he's being quite shy and reserved so I'm leaving him to it for now. I used to have a snake years ago and because of the lizards, I feel better with the mice haha. At least they can't escape and they are a bit more pleasant. When I first started feeding my old snake mice it was a bit odd and it felt a bit weird having them in the freezer along with food but you forget about it after a while. He's also a really annoying snake to feed. He's not like one of those lazy snakes that will eat the food when you put it right in front of him, I have to dangle it with some tweezers and make it look like it is alive and walking round the cage and he will stalk it until he attacks it and eats it. Sometimes it will take 5 minutes of me moving it just for him to get interested. He's also a slow eater too. He particularly likes to spin his body around when he eats for some reason.