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[Angeryness intensifes]

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Hello all

so basically imma rant about the shining solgaleo/lunala event that started up here in the US-of A. WHY am i complaining? Because you need a BLOODY APP to even GET the code!!! i'm like, UM... WHAT!?! Are you not satisfied with people even going to Gamestop in the first place to get your SHINY LOCKED LEGENDARY??

And what's worse you need a TRAINER CLUB ACCOUNT PLUS THE APP which i can't get EITHER OF. What happened to skedaddling off to Gamestop and getting your little card and punching in the code and hurray free shing :D RRRRRGGH so IFFY

i have literally no way to get these guys now and i don't know anyone who is gonna give me codes or trade me them >:(

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