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Life after uni is hard. (Plus Snake pics)

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Hi guys. Just wanted to give an update about my life after graduating and explaining how it's been a bit hard.

If people warned me how hard adjusting to life after university was, I would have prepared myself more. I think the last month or two have been the hardest and I got in quite a low mood a while back as everything just seemed to be getting worse and there was nothing going right.

Some things are personal and family business so I won't dwell on them too much but firstly, my dad has been in hospital for over 6 weeks now, leaving me to run the house by myself. He's in for mental health problems so it's not very serious but still not very great and puts the family under a lot of stress because we want him to get better as quick as possible. It's also quite hard seeing him like he is at the moment but we know that he is where he needs to be to get better. He tries to help by giving me money for groceries and stuff but that's quite stressful. Things in the house are starting to break now too, like the bath splitting and the boiler being trash and the plumper isn't getting back to us. Honestly, I thought when I left uni I was leaving terrible landlords and bad housing behind me haha.
On top of that there's some family drama going on that's just stressful. I try to keep myself out of it.

I am also struggling to find work so i'm slowly getting into more and more of my overdraft but I try not to think about that. There's also the part where all my friends have jobs including my girlfriend so I barely see any of them so most of the time I'm in my house alone trying to figure out things to do and applying for work. It's quite isolating. Along with all this, I failed my driving theory test twice. This might sound like nothing but that's one thing I thought I would find easy and would have been even a little victory over all these bad things going on around me.

So yeah. Quite a dire place. However, I do think the worst times are over.

Maybe 2 weeks ago I took my third theory test and I passed. I passed with flying colours too. Now I've got my practical test booked for the end of November so hopefully in 5 weeks I will be a qualified driver. Along with this, I finally had a breakthrough with work. It's not in my field of expertise, but it's work. It's a full time call centre job and I will be getting roughly Ł300 a week, which beats the Ł251 a month job seeking benefit I was entitled to before. I am going to continue to look for graphics jobs whilst I have this job but it'll give me some money until I find one. Honestly I am sort of panicking about it because I know how hard call centre work is, which the pressure and all the abuse you get over the phone lines from angry customers. I'll get used to it though, I'll have to.

Along with that, it's my birthday in two weeks and things are starting to come together for it. Coincidentally, MCM Comic Con is on my birthday this year, so me and 5 of my friends are going down there for the day and then on the night, one of my uni friends is coming down to see me. So that's something to look forward to.

I'm still super stressed because theres still the things with the family drama and my dad in hospital but even they have seemed to steadily improve so the dark days might slowly be over.

I know none of you probably are interested but wanted to post it for anyone at uni worrying about finishing or anyone in their last year preparing to graduate. Just wanted to say that it is hard and you probably will fall into a bit of a hole and get lost with what you want to do with adult life now but it will eventually get sorted. It took me about 3 months, so it can take a while but it will all get sorted eventually.

Also, here's Bo, as promised. At this point I just use him to get people to look at this blog haha. He's really grown now. He's 2 feet and an inch long now and weighs 52 grams. and he's a bit thick haha. Even though he isn't the smartest, he's still an amazing little cutie. I've had him almost 4 months now. Can't believe it. He's still a little baby as he is only 7 months old but he won't stay like it much longer haha. (The 5th image is him in the box he came in when I ordered him and the 6th is him in the box when he arrived. Look how much he has grown!)

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear your family is having a tough time. I hope your dad recovers soon.

    Congratulations on passing your theory test and on the new job! I've heard it's a lot easier to find a job if you already have one, I don't know exactly why, I guess it tells your prospective employers that you can show up on time and you're not a weirdo or something XD Have you looked at any of those sites where you can do graphics work for people, I think freelancer or something was one? And I think there were some specifically for graphics, I had a look at them a while back. You basically complete jobs for people and get paid (not very well) bit at least you can keep adding to your portfolio.

    I hope your new job goes really well. Call centres sound tough. I'm sure you can do it though! Just think of cute little (big) Bo whenever someone is being a jerk! Bo looks just as cool as ever! How big will he get when he is fully grown?
  2. Coru's Avatar
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah Thank you. He's doing better and hopefully will be out of hospital soon. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you, so glad I've finally passed it, it was just getting frustrating as I was so close to passing the first two times, but I finally did it. Yeah, i've heard that a lot too so hopefully having this job will give me a bit more of an edge. It's gonna be stressful trying to figure out how to save time for interviews now I'm working full time but I'll sort that when I come to it. I looked at a few websites. One I looked at was Bidvine, but most of them weirdly charge the designer to accept a brief and contact the client so they just seem a bit dodgy and weird, but I'll keep having a look round. I'm also going to start preparing for my Etsy shop that I am going to reopen in the new year too so hopefully that will also give me something to talk about in interviews. I'm also going to start finding design competitions and do personal projects so I can put them in my portfolio.

    Thank you. I can't believe I start tomorrow and I am super nervous. I think i'll probably be on training for a week or two first so I won't start on calls for a few days but it's the calls and the potential angry customers that is going to be my challenge. I think after a week or so of doing it I'll be fine, it's just the thought of being shouted at down the phone from an angry customer and you still have to be pleasant haha. He's starting to get bigger now, he's just over two foot at the moment and growing fast. He's only 7 months old but by the time he is maybe 3 or 4, he will be fully grown and he will be around 6 feet long and around 9 pounds in weight. He's gonna be a big noodle eventually haha.