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The Foogle

The Foogle's Platinum Nuzlocke part 2: Postmortem

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Back at it again with part 2

The team so far as of part 1:

Twiggy [grotle]

Birb [staravia]

Mitzi [shellos]

Knockturn [Zubat]

Gigajoule [Luxio]

Housewares [geodude]

Ok so where i left off i was just about to go into the Eterna forest after wiping Roark and Mars with no issues. The forest was no problem, and i also caught a gastly i'll never use. After not being able to find anything unique on route 205 [it was all dupes] i entered Eterna City and proceeded to the next route where a meditite appeared, so i caught it, christening her Makoto. Then began a LONG grinding period involving a few more catches that i had no intention of adding to my team. What did happen, though, is that i swapped Housewares with Makoto, Knockturn evolved into Golbat, and actually that's it. We had no real issues with Gardenia's gym up until her Roserade where Knockturn kept getting paralysis stunned because of stun spore, but thankfully no deaths happened during the battle. Afterwards, we had to go and slap Jupiter in the face for taking random pokemon at the Team Galactic building in Eterna. Her zubat was obviously no issue, but her skuntank was a problem. It was because of night slash that Knockturn met his demise, the ultimate bat, the second greatest flying type on our guys. After defeating Jupiter with no further deaths, we held a funeral for Knockturn and proceeded onwards. The cycling road was no biggie, although we missed out on a gligar because i ran out of pokeballs during the catch. Proceeding to Hearthome, i found a female Ralts who i named Ophelia, however, she was underleveled. Thankfully, we got the Exp share and proceeded to grind even more for Fantina, Ophelia evolving to Kirlia in the process. When it came time for the gym, we snuck past the gym trainers to Fantina herself. I was genuinely worried about this fight, because she has a lv 26 mismagius with shadow ball, which is extremely retarded on game freak's part...

But i was especially worried that a death would occur because of this, and i was right.

Twiggy fell that day.

After Twiggy's death, the best bet we had was to use Gigajoule, who had bite, to k.o. mismagius. This didn't work out in our favor, since it turned out Gigajoule could only take one shadow ball without dying. So i had the idea to swap to Birb since mismagius' psybeam wouldn't kill. We proved triumphant in our duel, but i REALLY didn't want to release Twiggy, the starter who had been around since the start. I suddenly had a thought. This IS my first Nuzlocke, so i could give myself a bit of a break on deaths...

It was then i created the Postmortem Clause, where, after every 3 gyms cleared, i can resurrect one pokemon from the dead, but ONLY ONCE. Thus, Twiggy came back to slay another day. Currently on my way to Solaceon, hoping we get a fire type.

The guys so far: Twiggy, Birb, Makoto, Gigajoule, Ophelia, Mitzi

yes i KNOW that postmortem rule sounds like me being a pussy but at least it's limited res'ing :/ Sorry part 2 took a while, but christmas and Shield happened

-See you next time

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  1. Cleobel's Avatar
    @The Foogle Thank you for posting the second part of your Nuzlocke! Congratulations on the new team members and gym badges! Sorry to hear about the deaths. :/ Good luck with your adventure! :D