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Dragon Master Mike

This American Presidential election is a disgrace (Pottentially controversial subject matter)

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I need to have a bit of a rant here. Let me just put a language warning here, and say that I'm talking about politics (although it was probably obvious), which is probably enough to explain that it is likely to make someone angry.


Alright. Firstly, this video. Because it is hilarious, yet true.

Seriously, what is wrong with this election? It is literally a circus. Like, seriously, I watch Donald Trump and it feels like watching some bad reality TB show. Let me just get right to the point: Donald Trump is a racist jackass. Seriously, he is literally Hitler. If he were elected, he would probably manage to start WWIII. I guess people like the fact that he isn't a politician and that he will say anything, but seriously, he is dangerous. In short, the problem with Donald trump is literally everything, and he should be sent far away where he can't do any harm. Let's build a wall around him, and make him pay for it.

But don't think I'm here to make a rant about Trump. Yes, Trump is awful, but the entire election is bullshit. Seriously, I hate every single candidate. And it just so happens that I hate the two front runners more than anyone else. Two words: Hillary Clinton. She won the democratic primaries, with Donald Trump winning the republicans.

And people wonder why people aren't voting. Personally, if it comes down to Hillary Vs Trump, I will literally make the conscious choice to not vote. People say that everyone should vote, but I refuse to have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Really, I would rather have no say in the matter than have to choose between a criminal or a lunatic for president, because either way it will be equally atrocious.

Seriously, this country is so ****ed up right now. And as far as I'm concerned, not a single candidate running for this election is going to fix anything. Bernie Sanders? I think he is probably one of the few that actually means well, but I think that raising minimum wage to $15 is a terrible idea. I don't side with the Democrats or Republicans, but I tend to lean more towards the republican side for economic issues and more towards the democrat side for social issues. As far as I'm concerned, Bernie Sanders will destroy the economy.

The worst part is that they are shoving it down our throats. You can't turn on the news for more than a minute without hearing something about it. Seriously, I go to and it is all over the front page. I go to the world news section and its STILL talking about it. In the world news section. Seriously. What about "World news" do they note get? And then they call the result of the republican and democratic primaries breaking news?

I'm getting way off topic now. Basically, I'm just really annoyed about all of this. As far as I'm concerned, the whole election is a joke. It is embarrassing. I have so much more I could rant about, but I'm getting kinda tired now. I literally spent the past 25 minutes writing this, so...

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  1. Chakramaster's Avatar
    First off I'm one of those that hates politics as well. It's the worst time of these 4 years for me...I hate it and hate having to learn it, but it's better to research and pick the best possible candidate than follow a crowd just because they follow it or it "sounds good."

    I'll say, you seem about the same on me with this subject. I tend to sway more towards republican on the economic standpoints, but all of the Repbilican and Democratic candidates are just terrible and it's scary to think one of the top 3 are going to most likely be President. Hillary....really? First of all how is she even able to run with all these private investigating a going on with her and second, people really believe everything she and her father say now?

    Sanders seems like the go-to for younger voters because "free college, $15 minimum wage, and free that!" No. That'd be an economic nightmare, Trump is right in that case we do have a cut off point. A point of no return on the debt. Stacking on while making our own economy worse is going to make things even worse.

    Trump, oh man. He may speak his mind and can't be bought out, but he's really pushing his luck with all the instant racism and all. He really needs to watch that. The wall idea, while I agree to a certain point on that, the whole idea he has with it is a big overboard. In all seriousness though s main point to think about is, if things did get out of hand. Who will be the most likely to stand up, not start WWIII, and make things safer for not only America, but the world as a whole?

    This whole election is already way out of hand. It's really scary to think we will see either Sanders, Hillary, or Trump in Office most likely come January. Not to mention this is only the beginning. We still have a year to go with this capaigning, ads, and voting. Seriously my family's idea of moving to AUS seems to be sounding better at times...
  2. Otter Mii-kun's Avatar
    I'm also extremely disgusted with the whole presidential campaign myself. The only two candidates that I've thought of casting a vote for (Rand Paul or Ben Carson) have dropped out (even though both will still appear on the Michigan primary ballot), and I'm actually considering not getting a Presidential Primary ballot when I go to the polls Tuesday, since my area will be voting on the 82nd District State Representative Special election (in which I will vote for Republican Gary Howell), as well as the non-homestead operating millage renewal for LakeVille Community Schools.

    If I could, I would've packed my bags and emigrated from this country permanently the moment Obama became President.

    Now you know why I'm starting to loathe democracy, and wish I could live in a hardline Christian theocracy.

    You now also know why I believe America was a better place in the 1950s, under presidents Harry Truman and Ike Eisenhower. If time travel backwards was possible, I'd hop into a time machine and travel back to 1950.

    I'm so disgusted with the way America has become since the Twin Towers and fifth of the Pentagon were destroyed with 3,000 people brutally murdered in one morning in 2001 that I can't think of all that I want to spill out (which is probably a good thing I'm restraining myself from doing so).
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  3. Desolate Divine's Avatar
    Come to Australia! We have gun control and healthcare!
  4. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    While I don't follow US politics, all I can say to all you guys is vote. Even if you hate both options. Because if you, the average, maybe not-really-caring-about-politics guy who is just a reasonable every day person doesn't vote then you're leaving the outcome up to the hard-core crazy supporters of the people you don't want to vote for. And that is how you end up with someone like Trump in charge. (Honestly the fact that he has come this far makes the US look like a joke on the international stage :x) I don't know anything about Hillary but she can't be worse than Trump.
  5. Dragon Master Mike's Avatar
    Honestly, Coming to Australia sounds like a pretty damn good idea right now. Maybe Canada. That's a bit closer. I guess you are right though Sarah. If it comes down to Hillary vs Trump, even she can't be as bad as him. I am honestly scared to see what would happen if Trump does get elected.
  6. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Hey, that video was pretty funny.

    And bingo, I have a strong feeling it's going to be Hillary VS Trump, and yep, like you, they both make me cringe and I do not want to vote for the lesser of two evils and revenge-vote just to spite the other candidate. I'm not stooping to that level.

    I don't watch the news and even when it's on while I'm in public places, I don't pay much attention to it. The election is like a sick and lame reality show, and I'd MUCH rather see people getting more excited for the Summer Olympics. Let's see more coverage of that.
  7. Corey's Avatar
    A poll showed that Bernie and Hilary both would beat out any republican, so the race is pretty much between them. But honestly, Hilary is more of a republican than a democrat. She leans more liberal when it comes to social issues (for the most part), but her fiscal stances are definitely more conservative. Bernie is honestly the way to go.

    As for the minimum wage argument, $15 a year equates to about $30,000 a year assuming you work full time (50 weeks/year 40 hrs/week). And seeing as the cost of living is around $25,000 a year on average, $30,000 a year working full-time is absolutely nothing. There are arguments that state that minimum wage jobs are "gateway" jobs, or jobs that prepare you for higher-paying jobs. However, many people never acquire the skills to level-up in the job world because of the insane cost of an education (which Bernie also seeks to fix!!). Not to mention that costs can go up or down depending on where you are, and costs are only going to rise as time goes on. If minimum wage had been increased with inflation and productivity, it'd be $21.72 a year. So, $15 minimum wage is, as I've said before, still low. Bernie pays all of his employees a $15 wage, and even pays his interns $12 an hour.

    Regarding Trump - he's a racist bigot who is absolutely unqualified to be president. Not to mention he's made fun of handicapped reporters, news anchors, and other candidates. He's not only a terrible candidate, he's a terrible person. Just because he "speaks his mind" doesn't make him supportable because literally everything he says is horrible. If it comes down to Trump vs Hilary, Hilary is far, far superior.

    And I agree with Sarah - VOTE! If apathy consumes America's voters, someone as awful as Trump could definitely get the White House. I really don't understand people who say they aren't going to vote for any reason. Bernie is the way to go, and every vote counts. Even if you can't/won't vote in primaries to elect Bernie, at least, for the love of god, vote in the general election to save this country from Trump. #anyonebutTrump2016

    tl;dr Hilary is basically a republican and Bernie is the way to go, a $15 minimum wage is bare minimum, Trump sucks, and VOTE.