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Thread: Shruikan's Sun Nuzlocke of Doom!

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    Shruikan's Sun Nuzlocke of Doom!

    Welcome to my spectaular failure at Nuzlocking Pokemon Sun!

    Checkpoint 1: Beat Kahuna Hala 4:38
    Checkpoint 2: Beat Captain Mallow7:35
    Checkpoint 3: Beat Kahuna Olivia
    Checkpoint 4: Beat UB-01/Arrive at Ula'ula Island
    Checkpoint 5: Beat Kahuna Nanu
    Checkpoint 6: Beat Lusamine at Aether Foundation
    Checkpoint 7: Beat Kahuna Hapu
    Checkpoint 8: Beat Mother Beast Lusamine in the Ultra Space
    Checkpoint 9: Arrive at the Elite Four
    Checkpoint 10: Defeat the Champion & Tapu Koko

    Total Time Played: 12:13

    Current Team:
    Fathom the Brionne
    Fierceteeth the Rattata
    Sunny the Cutiefly
    Flame the Fletchinder
    Ochre the Diglett

    Vengeance the Yungoos
    Sora the Lillipup
    Moorhen the Mudbray
    Clay the Eevee
    Whirlpool the Psyduck

    My first two teams.
    Blister the Salandit
    Carnelian the Trumbeak
    Scarlet the Ghastly
    Tamarin the Butterfree
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    Checkpoint One Events:
    Used a Random number generator to decide my starter, as you can't see your ID number until after you have your first pokemon.
    Started the game.
    20 minuets later got a Popplio as my starter. (Male, named Fathom.)
    Went to Route 1 & caught a Pikipek. (Female, named Carnelian)
    Did a bit of grinding on route 1, until Fathom was lv 12 & Carnelian lv 8.
    Demolished all who stood in my way, including my rival.
    Made it to the Trainer School, where Carnelian died against another Pikipek.
    Beat all the other trainers there, then fought the Teacher, who paralized Fathom with a lucky shot, taking out my last pokemon.
    YES / NO

    So, went back through the intro again.
    Got my starter, again Popplio. (Also named Fathom.)
    Route 1 encounter was another female Pikipek. (Again, named Carnelian)
    Didn't do as much grinding with Fathom this time, but focused on Carnelian more, getting both to level 10.
    Breezed through to the Trainer School again. This time Fathom fought the other Pikipek.
    Carnelian fought the trainer using Grimer and died. Again.
    Fathom didn't get paralyzed this time and took out the teacher easily.
    Made my way to Hau'oli City, where I caught a female Wingull (Named Tsunami)
    Said Wingull died while level grinding in Hau'oli. :/
    Leveled Fathom up to lv 15.
    Challenged Illima and beat him easily.
    Headed to Route 2, caught a male Smeargle (Named Deathbringer)
    Fathom taken out by a random trainer due to overconfidence on my part. :/
    Deathbringer dies to a Makuhita while level grinding.
    YES / NO

    Second Third verse, same as the first. Got a male Popplio (Fathom) and first encounter was a female Pikipek. (Carnelian)
    Leveled them up a bit, swept through to the School. Fathom soloed the whole place this time.
    Arrived in Hau'oli, this time it was night, and my first encounter was a Rattata. (Female, named Fierceteeth)
    Leveled them all up a bit, thankfully no-one died, and I proceede to cream Illima.
    Headed up Route 2, fist encounter was an Abra. Needless to say, I didn't catch a pokemon that route.
    Took a detour to the Cemetary to visit my last two teams to catch a new pokemon, which I did. (Gastly, female, named Scarlet)
    Being more careful, I leveled up Fierceteeth to level 15, and then spent a little while longer grinding until Fathom & Carnelian evolved.
    Breezed through Verdant cavern, Carnelian took out the Totem in two turns. I may have overdone the grinding a tad. :P
    Caught a Yungoos on my way out. (Male, named Vengeance)
    Headed along Route 3, caught a female Cutiefly (Sunny) then went straight to Melemele Meadow, where I caught a female Metapod (Tamarin)
    Tried to catch a Zubat in Seaward Cave, but knocked it out by mistake.
    Leveled Tamarin until she evolved. Beat my rival with ease. Still overleveled from before :P
    Tamarin took out Kahuna Hala on her own. Sleep powder & Gust = OP

    And that's it so far. Next time on Total Party Kill, will Shruikan actually make it to checkpoint two? Will Carnelian die again? Will we have a seven hour training montage? Stay tuned to find out!
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    Haha I reckon this is what my run would be like. xD How's your third one going?!

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    Ok, the next part might be a bit fuzzy, as I didn't right everything down and it's been a while since the beggining of the checkpoint.

    So, with Hala defeated, I headed to island two.
    Headed off to fight Dexio, beat him with ease.
    Went to route 4 and caught a Lillipup (Female, named Sora)
    Beat Hau in a western stand off in Paniola Town.
    Headed onwards and caught a female Mudbray (Named Moorhen), then receved an Egg from the Nursary along the way, which I'm not sure about the legality of. (Does the egg count as an encounter where I got it? Or where it hatched? Or do gifts not count?)
    Avoided encounters on route 5 to try for the Wimpod later on.
    Fought Galdion, whose Type: Null almost took out Carnelian.
    Entered Brooklet hill, where I caught a Psyduck (Male, named Whirlpool)
    Tamarin took out the trial pokemon, with Fathom soloing the totem.
    Headed south along route 6. I can't remember what my encounter was, but I know I failed to catch it.
    Went into royal Avenue, where my egg hatched into a male Eevee (Clay)
    Went into panic mode when I had to take part in the Battle Royal, luckily Fathom managed to survive with a few HP.
    Stocked up on 50 or so potions at the convenience store.
    Time for trial 2.
    First encounter was a female(!) Salandit (Named Blister)
    Tried to level up Blister; she died to the first random pokemon I found...
    Did a bit more grinding so Fathom was a higer level for the Totem.
    Went to fight the totem. Everything went well for five seconds before Fathom was poisoned.
    Swaped to Carnelian, who fell to Flame Burst & Venoshock in one turn.
    Can't swap back to Fathom, as thanks to Venoshock, I can't cure the poison withour dying, and I can't heal cause the poison does too much damage.
    Swap in Scarlet, who dies as I heal Fathom's poison.
    Fathom deals the final blow to the totem, then it's minion, winning the battle.
    Returned to route 7 and caught a Diglett (Male, named Ochre)
    Continued on to route 8, where I caught a male Fletchinder (Flame)
    3 hour training montage for Tamarin, Sunny and Flame.
    Tried to catch the Wimpod from earlier, but failed.
    Tamarin dies to a random critical.
    Another hour or two of grinding latet, Sunny evolves, and Sunny and Flame both get to level 30.
    Flame burns trough everything in his path, including one-shoting the Totem.

    Achivement complete: Finish the easy part.
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