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Thread: Where are you in Let's Go?

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    I don’t know either Chakramaster's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desolate Divine View Post
    I'll try and find some today but I'm happy to trade you some stuff if youd like regardless? Any version exclusives you want? Or late game Pokemon?

    I have been chaining chanseys and have a few spare.

    Also please dont hate me people, but in the last 24 hours I have caught Shiny Magikarp, Rhydon and Chansey...
    So Bellsprout, Vulpix, and Meowth are LG Eevee exclusive while Oddish, Sandshrew, and Growlithe are Pikachu exclusive. Those are the only ones I could find? I don’t have any of the Eevee exclusives. So I’ll need those at some point. Even if to just have listed in the Dex.

    I’ll catch up a few more of whatever you need too (the Grimer and Muk so there’s far less trading and trade backs if you want). I haven’t beat the game yet. I’m taking my time xD. Hopefully that won’t matter?

    Nah, couldn’t hate that. Just reminds me of how lucky we can all be. Took me 6 eggs to hatch a shiny Honedge back on X. Quickest shiny I’ve ever got. Not sure if I’ve added you on my Switch yet, so I’ll have to do that later. Work on progressing for now while I can.

    The time is upon us...

    . Pika Pair with the yellow bundle of fluff Chibi Altaria..

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    Filled my Pokedex this afternoon. Now I need Meltan, Melmetal and to Shiny hunt...

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    I got to Fuchsia City, haven't visited the gym yet. I spent some time trying to transfer some of my GO pokemon to Lets go and I have like an army of Eevee that distracted me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
    The first one ran from me but I saved right before, so I restarted xD old habits die hard.
    That's genius, I don't know why I didn't do that when I usually do it before legendary encounters in the main series. Gosh darn it, now I'll have to hide around in Cerulean Cave. :'(

    Quote Originally Posted by Desolate Divine View Post
    So I beat the pokemon league a few nights back and have beaten beaten Green and Blue. Now trying to complete my dex. Only need Grimer, Muk, Scyther and the four trade evolutions *hint hint please help me this is frustrating*
    @Neo Oddish @Pokemon Trainer Sarah @Chakramaster @Blaquaza
    If you're still in need of help I'll be more thna happy to oblige after Christmas, that's when I'm getting access to Switch Online. :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Chakramaster View Post
    If you haven’t by tomorrow (tomorrow my time) I should be able to help. If you have them already ready to trade. If not, I’ll have to work my way there. Hey, it’ll help me out in the long run too. Grimer and Muk I found instantly in the Power Plant. Scytherwolf ran away so fast near route 12 for me. Only saw it once. Just like Chancey xD
    Though I think it's only a 1% spawn, when I was in Pokémon Tower's higher floors I was seeing Chansey more than Gastly and Cubone, so maybe it's a good place to look out for. :)

    Credits to Neo Emolga for the avatar and the banner!

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    I'm on route 24 shiny hunting either Meowth or Squirtle with a Meowth chain.

    Storywise, I am about to battle Archie or whatever his name is and Giovanni at the Game Corner. I just need to level up my new shiny Psyduck.

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    I last left off at Rock Tunnel, and for the life of me couldn't find a decent Charmander. After that, I just started a new game.

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    i think im at the elite four? i just kinda gave up and lost interest in the game as a whole

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    I had stopped at the last gym, but I went and finished it. I am at Mewtwo now but I can't defeat it o_o


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