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    [GCEA Sinnoh Opening] Totodile Totebag (Mature)

    Warning: Discusses the use of pokemon to make leather. Be advised, while it's vague, it can be gross.

    Amy adjusted her stance as she approached the leather barn quietly. Adorned with a hidden mic and an earpiece, this was a sting operation she couldn’t afford to mess up. All she needed was audio and visual confirmation that the business was illegally using breeder farmed Pokémon and that was that. While normally the police work was left for Theresa to handle, this operation needed a known fashion designer. And while Amy wasn’t exactly famous, her brand had some reputability. Thus, she was doing her girlfriend a favor and infiltrating the place.

    Amy knocked on the door and lowered her sunglasses as she glanced up at the camera nearby. After a few clicks, she heard the locks turned and the door swung up. A tall man stood on the other side, a grin that made Amy sick to her stomach. “Ms. Risa, so glad of you to join us. Please, come in. We have much to show you.”

    Amy entered the building with the man and began to scan around. On the surface it looked like a normal leather production factory. It was standard practice to use Miltank or Tauros for these kinds of things, since they were easily bread for these purposes. Personally, Amy found the practice disgusting and never used Pokémon based products in her fashion-wear, even if it meant making production costs more expensive.

    “So, Ms. Risa, I hear you’re interested in unique leather products today, yes?” He extended his arms wide and gestures towards the floor. “Here at Lapis’ Leather Productions we have leather that is superior to all the rest. Please, this way.”

    Amy followed close behind as Lapis lead the way through the factor. She glanced over her shoulder. She couldn’t see them, but she could feel eyes watching her. She swallowed nervously. Hopefully Theresa was providing the backup she promised. She took a deep breath. She would, she always did.

    As they passed the leather production areas, Lapis began to carry on about the quality of the leather and the process they went through to produce it. Amy found it grotesque and unnerving, but she paid attention anyway if only to persist the illusion that she was genuinely interested in their business.

    “We raise the Miltank and Tauros locally on a farm within a few miles. We sell the milk separately to help fund the business and when they are beyond their prime years, they are brought here to be repurposed. Every part of the body is used for different sizes and quality of leather for different fashion designers, like yourself.”

    “But haven’t recent law changes made that less lucrative?” Amy asked. She needed to transition towards the more criminal topics if she was going to get the evidence she needed.

    “They have, but we’ve started to take measures to work around it.” Lapis gestured for Amy to follow him towards the back part of the factory. Nervousness started to rise within her, but Amy forced herself to look confident as she strode after Lapis.

    They approached a sleek blue door in the back of the building. It appeared normal at first glance but as they drew nearer, Amy realized it was an optical illusion masking an elevator door. There was an underground level! She quickly tapped the camera button on her X-transceiver, snapping a photo that hopefully was automatically sent to Theresa and her team. Amy stepped into the elevator with Lapis and watched him carefully as he pressed the basement level button. They descended slowly in silence and the elevator shuddered as they reached the bottom of the shaft.

    The doors slid open with a quiet hiss. Amy’s stomach dropped to the floor and she gagged slightly at the smell. She was in the belly of the beast now. She gazed around quickly, trying to keep the horrified look off her face. She was surrounded by the corpses of totodiles and sandiles, skinned for leather. This was highly illegal in most regions, with sandile leather only being legal Unova due to their frequency in the region reaching pest levels. But totodile was an endangered species, protected under the Johto starter laws.

    “Impressive isn’t it?” Lapis said as he led Amy out of the elevator, roughly grabbing her arm as he forced her to move along. “It’s highly illegal in other regions, as I’m sure you’re aware, but the production costs in Kalos for this type of leather are the lowest of the low, so it is well worth the risk in my opinion. And with the surge in popularity of leather in Kalos fashion, I’m sure you agree.”

    Amy managed a shaky nod. She felt nauseous and began to doubt how much longer she could keep up her confident ruse. Was this what Theresa witnessed daily? How could she always stand so tall and strong despite that? No wonder she always let Amy off with a warning when it came to minor speeding offenses and the like. If this was the criminal underbelly of Kalos, Amy’s crimes were nothing by comparison.

    Lapis pulled Amy over to a machine operated by several men. She watched in horror as a sandile was pulled out of a cage and killed in one swift motion with a knife. Her throat burned as she tried to keep down the sandwich she had had for lunch. She took deep breaths through her nose and tried to space out to not witness the horrific scene unfolding in front of her. Still, despite it, she managed to force herself to snap several more photos, trying to pass it off as if she were scratching her wrist.

    After a few seconds, Amy heard a crackle in her ear and relief surged through her veins as Theresa’s voice echoed in the earpiece. “Amy! We got the proof. Get out of there now. We have to storm the place in twenty whether or not you’re safe.”

    That was her cue. But there was the problem of Lapis’s hold on her arm. As he dragged her away from the sandile machine, he took her deeper underground. It was humid in the area, all the cages submerged in water. She gazed around and could see leather bags and belts being made from totodile skins. It was disgusting.

    “Totodile skin is much more difficult to harvest than sandile, so we must moisten them up before they are put through the skinner. But due to their rarity and the unique color, it makes their leather much more valuable. For a woman who is interested in a bright variety of colors such as yourself, I find this would be the most to your liking of all our products,” Lapis announced proudly.

    Amy watched in horror as a totodile was placed onto the machine belt. It looked young and innocent, completely unaware of the horrors surrounding it. Something snapped within Amy. A fire began to burn deep within her as her panic was replaced by pure unbridled rage. “No,” she said firmly, growling at Lapis as his expression turned sour. “I would never use pokemon in my products.”

    She yanked her arm away from Lapis and quickly dove onto the machine, grabbing the totodile and jumping off the other side. Amy forced her way through the workers and made a beeline for the elevator. Even if she couldn’t save all of them, she could save this one. This one would not die today!

    “Theresa, I blew my cover!! HELP!!!” Amy screamed as she ducked underneath another set of workers.

    “Of course, you did,” Theresa answered.

    “Don’t patronize me!!”

    “GRAB HER!” Lapis shouted to his minions, all their attention turning towards the fleeing red head. Why couldn’t the totodiles be closer to the elevator door?

    She felt her shirt rip a little as a knife scratched her arm. Blood began to trickle down to her elbow, but Amy barely felt it from all the adrenaline rushing through her. The elevator doors slid open as Amy approached. She skidded to a stop as two more workers stepped out of the elevator to cut off her path. Amy started to look around for another route of escape when the two workers in front of her began to spasm before collapsing to the floor. Joy filled Amy’s body as her amazingly beautiful girlfriend stood before her.

    Theresa extended a hand to Amy. “Your knight in shining armor has arrived.” Before Amy could respond, Theresa grabbed her and pulled her close, dropping her tasers and drawing her gun in one smooth well-trained movement. She fired at some approaching workers before pulling Amy back into the elevator and firing until the door slide shut. Theresa glanced down at Amy and chuckled. “What am I going to do with you?”

    “Give me a kiss for all the hard work I just did!”

    Theresa cocked an eyebrow at Amy. “Hard work? You nearly got yourself killed and stole a totodile in the process.”

    “Theresaaaa!!” Amy whined, nuzzling her chest.

    Theresa chuckled again and kissed Amy’s forehead. “There, how’s that for now?”

    Amy didn’t get a chance to respond as the elevator doors slid open again. Theresa pulled Amy close as she prepared for the firefight still ensuing in the upstairs. They stuck close to the walls, Theresa putting her body between Amy and any potential shooters. However, for the most part it seemed the battle in the upper facility was over. Theresa quickly guided Amy outside and left her with a few other officers while she reentered to help with the takedown in the underground floors.

    The rest of the day was a blur, the adrenaline sapping all of Amy’s energy as it faded away. She was treated for her few wounds, as well as the totodile, under Theresa’s supervision. Theresa sustained a few wounds as well, but thanks to her equipment it was not too much. Unfortunately, though, Theresa also had to be the bearer of bad news. It was something Amy knew was coming from the moment they exited the facility, but she had been hoping perhaps somehow an exception could be made.

    “You can’t keep the totodile.” Amy lowered her head as she stroked the big jaw pokemon resting in her lap. She let out a long sigh and pouted at Theresa. Theresa returned it with an annoyed look. “I’m serious. It’s against the starter protection laws. It must be returned to Johto with the others. You know that.”

    Amy paused in petting the totodile and nodded. “Yeah, I do. I just wish I could keep him. Totodile is such a cool starter, you know?”

    “I know,” Theresa answered, “it’d be very befitting of you too. But I think the Kalos starters will be great for you too.” Theresa pulled a pokeball off her belt. “Say goodbye and then I’ll return it to its pokeball.”

    Amy shook the totodile awake. He gazed up at her with round eyes and seemed to grin at her. “Hey there, I’m glad you’re safe too. But you must go now, okay?” She began to tear up as the totodile tilted his head in confusion. “They’re going to send you back to Johto where you can be the starter for someone else’s awesome journey with all the other totodile.” The totodile seemed to frown but nodded in agreement. He turned and looked at Theresa, spying the pokeball in her hand. Giving Amy one last head bump in affection, he leapt down and stood at Theresa’s feet.

    Theresa returned him to his pokeball and pat Amy’s shoulder. She offered a few words of comfort before leaving Amy to rest. Amy barely heard them, still feeling upset over the minor loss. She only had a month left to decide on her starter, and now when the choice seemed so obvious to her, it was taken away from her. Maybe one day…


    Amy approached Sycamore’s lab. She checked her X-Transceiver. Theresa had sent a text earlier that said she would meet her at a café in Lumiose City after Amy picked up her started. They’d take her first steps on her journey together. Amy was excited, but even after months of mulling it over, she still was hung up on the totodile from the sting operation. While the Kalos starters were all fine, Amy had felt a connection with that totodile in their brief time together that she did not want to lose. Still, it was hopeless to get caught up in such little details.

    Amy ascended the steps into Sycamore’s lab and walked to the elevator. As she entered the upstairs, she was directed to the outside greenhouse area where most of the pokemon were housed. Stepping into the sunlight, Amy found herself witness to a pokemon battle in the center. She drew closer and her heart leapt into her mouth. It was Professor Sycamore! And he was battling a totodile!

    “Good! That’s an amazing water gun attack!” the professor shouted enthusiastically. The totodile puffed out his chest proudly. Amy found herself grinning. She knew it was the same totodile she had rescued a month before. How much he had grown in just that time.

    The totodile charged the professor’s chespin and began to unleash a series of scratch attacks. Several landed before the totodile was forced to retreat from the chespin’s vines. As Amy continued to creep closer, the professor noticed her observing the battle and held up his hand. “Why don’t we call the battle here,” he said. He turned to Amy and smiled. “Glad to see you’ve arrived, Miss Risa. Are you ready to pick your starter?”

    “Yes sir,” she answered enthusiastically. “What are my options? I still haven’t settled on one yet and I thought maybe meeting them first might help?”

    Professor Sycamore called out his froakie and fennekin then gestured to the four pokemon. “Like all Kalos trainers, you will be allowed to pick from froakie, fennekin, and chespin. However,” he gestured to the totodile, “after Professor Elm and I heard of your role in the sting operation that shut down the leather barn from a month ago, we decided to pull some strings for you. You will also be allowed the option, should you choose it, of the totodile you helped rescue.” Professor Sycamore turned to Amy and spread his arms wide. “Now Miss Risa, who will you choose?”

    Amy didn’t waste a second. “Totodile,” she answered, a smile plastered all over her face. She bent down as her new partner pokemon ran over to her. “And I’ll name him, Hiker.” She picked up Hiker and smiled at Professor Sycamore.

    “I thought so,” he answered, holding out Hiker’s pokeball to her. He gestured her inside and led her to a computer where Hiker was registered as her starter pokemon. Printing off her trainer’s license, he held it out to her. “Best of luck then, Miss Risa. May you journey be full of adventure.”

    Amy thanked the professor as she took her license. She quickly exited the lab, texting Theresa that she was on her way. She had just sent the message when a bright light engulfed her. Hiker began to growl at his surroundings as the lights grew brighter, until it consumed them both.

    Amy gasped suddenly as the light faded as quickly as it had appeared. She searched around, Hiker unconscious by her side. She shivered, her crop top not being nearly warm enough for this weather given the snow on the ground. Amy untied her flannel shirt from her waist and put it on before picking up Hiker. As she stood up, she began to observe her surroundings and spotted a nearby sign. It read “Twinleaf Town”, and a chill ran up Amy’s spine. Questions began to flood Amy’s mind, the details of the hows and whys overwhelming her. What just happened? Why was she suddenly in Sinnoh? Was it the light that brought her here? Why her? Why Hiker? And why now? But one question stood out among them all.

    What about Theresa?
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