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    Moon Nuzlocke

    I got a copy of Pokemon Moon recently, so let's Nuzlocke this!

    The rules will be as follows:
    1. If a Pokemon faints, it will be put into the PC until I beat the game or have all my Pokemon faint.
    2. I can only capture the first Pokemon on each route.
    3. Dupes clause applies. If I already have the first Pokemon I encounter on a route, I can catch the next encounter.

    I decided to start with Popplio, since I already picked my favorite Gen 7 starter, Rowlet, in Ultra Moon. I called him Jackson, because his name has "Pop" in it, and Michael Jackson is the "king of pop". I do obscure references like this in my nicknames a lot, so get used to it. XD

    Jackson the Popplio
    Obtained at Iki Town

    After a simple rival battle, my first encounter on Route 1 was a female Pikipek. She looked pretty perky, so I called her Perky!

    Perky the Pikipek
    Obtained on Route 1

    Then we had a trickier rival battle, due to the Pichu. Extremely rude of Hau to have a Pichu when all I had was a Flying-type and a Water-type... Nevertheless, I won because I'm a future champion trainer.

    I actually almost lost Perky in a trainer battle while laughing at a meme. It was a funny meme, and Perky survived with 1 HP, so a win-win!

    Next, I caught a Wingull on using my secret Pokemon catching technique (you gotta say Gotta Catch 'em All into the mic after you throw the Pokeball!!!). I called her Angel, because she has wings, and Aerosmith has an album with "wings" in the title, and they have a song called Angel.

    Then I realized that was still Route 1. Curses! In the PC she goes!

    Wait, no, I just checked. It's the Hau'oli Outskirts. I need her back!

    Angel the Wingull
    Obtained at the Hau'oli Outskirts

    I swear I don't pay the rent here.
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