Ready to hear about a podcast raising money for charity?
EXP. Share has started a brand new season of their podcast. This time they are doing a nuzlocke run of HeartGold & SoulSilver. Though, one of the hosts are adding a special rule to their playthrough.
Nuzlocke for Charity

Normally in a nuzlocke, a player will enter a route and catch the first Pokemon they see there. They will then proceed to give the Pokemon a name in order to develop a bond with it. If that Pokemon is knocked out then it will be consider “dead”. The player may release or put the Pokemon in a box. That way the Pokemon will not be used for the rest of the playthrough.
Now enters Attorney Will N. Testament and his line of work. Attorney Will N. Testament is the character that Tanner is playing who comes with a special rule. Attorney Will N. Testament is a lawyer who handles cases involving the passing of their clients. These clients just so happen to be the Pokemon that Tanner is using for his nuzlocke. Each one of his Pokemon will be named after a charity that the client wishes for their funds will be donated at the end of their life.
So whenever one of Attorney Will N. Testament’s clients have passed, Tanner will not only remove the Pokemon from their party. He will also donate money to the charity that the Pokemon is named after.
Currently the amount of money that Tanner will donate is unknown. Though he plans to donate if his Pokemon do become “decease”. This is kind of a double edge sword because you normally do not want to lose your Pokemon but by doing so, a good deed will be accomplished.
The Journey So Far

As of right now, Tanner has just defeated Falkner and heading to challenge Bugsy in Azalea City. Below is his current team and the charities they are named after.
Each Pokemon is named after a charitable organization that relates to each Pokemon.

These are the clients of Attorney Will N. Testament who he will tend to until their passing. We plan to keep track of his clients until the very end of his journey. Perhaps you should keep track of Will’s journey by suggest you do the same by listening to EXP. Share weekly.
If you want to do something then we suggest that you too donate to these amazing charity organizations. May it be now or alongside Tanner when one of Attorney Will N. Testament’s clients pass away. Perhaps even play along as! Either way, we hope that you will consider doing a good deed by either donating or listening to EXP. Share.
Best of luck Tanner and Attorney Will N. Testament! Same for Josh and Stanner.
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