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Thread: Shiny Showoff Thread

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    Shiny Showoff Thread

    I honestly didn't have any room for this in my signature. I've seen this in quite a few other sigs, too, so I thought that maybe by posting this, other people could also put it to good use and free some signature space. ^^

    Anyway this is for people to post a log, in a sense, for their shiny Pokemon they currently have, have had, registered in dex, etc. in whichever game the user specifies.




    .:~*Current Pokemon Y / Alpha Sapphire / Sun Shiny Roster*~:.


    #001 Bulbasaur
    Obtained via Masuda Method in Pokemon Y.

    #018 Pidgeot
    Obtained via PokeRadar Chaining on Pokemon Y at Route 2. Caught as a Pidgey. No Shiny Charm. Given away on Wonder Trade. I was chaining for Fletchling and 2 encounters later, I found a shiny...Pidgey? And the grass patch wasn't even sparkling.

    #043 Oddish
    Obtained via DexNav Chain on Route 110 in Alpha Sapphire. Caught as an Oddish. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #081 Magnemite
    Obtained via Horde Encounters on Route 110 in Alpha Sapphire. Caught as a Magnemite. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #093 Haunter
    Received in a Wonder Trade on Pokemon Y. Hatched from an Egg on Route 7. Obtained as a Gastly.

    #117 Seadra
    Obtained via Chain Fishing on Pokemon Y in Cyllage City. No shiny charm. Caught as a Horsea. First chain fishing catch! I think?

    #127 Pinsir
    Obtained via Masuda Method on Pokemon Sun at Paniola Ranch. Shiny Charm in possession. WHAT THE ****ING WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. I WAS BREEDING FOR EGG MOVES. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN.

    #130 Gyarados
    Obtained via RNG abuse on Pokemon Diamond. Hatched as a Magikarp. I had several more, but gave them away on Wonder Trade.

    #149 Dragonite
    Received in a trade as a Dratini. Obtained for an event on PokemonElite2000. Received as a Dratini.

    #172 Pichu
    Obtained via official Nintendo Wi-Fi event.

    #172 Pichu
    Obtained via random encounter in Hau'oli City on Pokemon Sun. Completely caught me by surprise.... No shiny charm.

    #219 Magcargo
    Obtained via random wild encounter on Alpha Sapphire at Fiery Path. No Shiny Charm. Caught as a Slugma. I FOUND THIS THING ON MY FIRST PLAYTHROUGH OF ALPHA SAPPHIRE! o A o I was on Fiery Path and saw it in the DexNav and was like "Hey cool I don't have this in my dex yet" and then suddenly. Silver. Slugma.

    #224 Octillery
    Obtained via Chain Fishing on Alpha Sapphire at the Battle Resort. Shiny Charm in possession. Caught as a Remoraid.

    #243 Raikou
    Obtained via official Gamestop event. I am not sure how I ended up with three of them, though....

    #244 Entei
    Obtained via official Gamestop event.

    #245 Suicune
    Obtained via official Gamestop event.

    #261 Poochyena
    Obtained via DexNav, at 396 encounters on Alpha Sapphire on Route 102. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #264 Linoone
    Obtained in a GTS trade as a Zigzagoon. Encountered at Route 101.

    #267 Beautifly
    Obtained in a GTS trade as a Wurmple. Encountered at Route 102.

    #279 Pelipper
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with around 300-something encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Caught as a Wingull. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #285 Shroomish
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with around 119 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Petalburg Woods. Caught as a Shroomish. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #287 Slakoth
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with around ONLY 26 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Petalburg Woods. Caught as a Slakoth. Shiny Charm in possession. First shiny I'e caught so far for /r/ShinyPokemon's monthly "Wanted!" challenge! :D

    #295 Exploud
    Obtained via random wild encounter on Pokemon Sapphire at Route 116. Full odds. Caught as a Whismur.

    #310 Manectric
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with 73 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Caught as an Electrike, Shiny Charm in possession.

    #311 Plusle
    Obtained via DexNav chaining on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #312 Minun
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with 325 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #317 Swalot
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with 658 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Caught as a Gulpin. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #321 Wailord
    Obtained via Chain Fishing on Alpha Sapphire at Mossdeep City. Caught as a Wailmer. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #342 Crawdaunt
    Obtained via Chain Fishing on Alpha Sapphire at Route 102. Caught as a Corphish. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #359 Absol
    Obtained via DexNav chaining on Alpha Sapphire at Route 120. Shiny Charm in possession. Heh, funny story about this little guy, actually....I originally found it one morning and went to False Swipe used Night Slash and then I found out it was holding a Life Orb. So you can be DAMNED sure that when I DID find another one that night, I used a Quick Ball on it.

    #370 Luvdisc
    Obtained via Chain Fishing on Pokemon Y at Cyllage City. Shiny Charm in possession.

    #376 Metagross
    Obtained via official Nintendo event.

    #377 Regirock
    Obtained via soft resetting on Alpha Sapphire at Desert Ruins. Shiny charm in possession. This one took a long time, at least 4k+ soft resets in total! I gave up after a while (about a year ago) but started back up again the other day and boom! I found it. One more to go!

    #378 Regice
    Obtained via soft resetting on Alpha Sapphire at lsland Cave. Shiny charm in possession. My first total shiny fail! :'D I reset over the first encounter while watching an LP of a game. Was able to reclaim it later that night, thank god!

    #379 Registeel
    Obtained via soft resetting on Alpha Sapphire at Ancient Tomb. Shiny charm in possession. Been resetting for this baby for about...5 days. Was about to call it a night and suddenly this showed up! Of course; it always seems to happen when I least expect it. :P

    #381 Latios
    Obtained via GTS. Came from Johto. I asked for a Latios in exchange for an extra Latias I had in Y, and then this person is just like, "here you go lol here's a shiny." I was floored!

    #383 Groudon
    Obtained via Wonder Trade on Alpha Sapphire. Obviously hacked, as it was met at the Cave of Origin. Still a very nice gesture, though!

    #386 Deoxys
    Obtained via a trade with a friend, who got it from another friend. Japanese.

    #403 Luxray
    Obtained via Wonder Trade on Pokemon Y. Hatched on Route 7. Obtained as a Shinx. I found this guy's Twitter and thanked him. xD

    #423 Gastrodon (East)
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with 217 total encounters (last chain at 111) on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Caught as a Shellos. Shiny Charm in possession. People aren't lying when they say shiny encounters happen at the moment you least expect it.

    #441 Chatot
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with 254 total encounters (last chain at 185) on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Shiny Charm in possession. Just when I was losing hope!

    #445 Garchomp
    Obtained via a trade with Marill on PXR. Obtained in Unova at Black Tower. Obtained as a Gible.

    #483 Dialga
    Obtained via official Gamestop event.

    #484 Palkia
    Obtained via official Gamestop event.

    #487 Giratina
    Obtained via official Gamestop event.

    #569 Garbodor
    Obtained via DexNav chaining, with both a 39 chain and 39 encounters on Alpha Sapphire at Route 110. Caught as a Trubbish. Shiny Charm in possession. I was REALLY surprised by this one!!

    #635 Hydreigon
    Received on Wonder Trade. Found the OT to be the name of a Twitch channel, so I tracked said channel down; turns out the streamer was Wonder Trading away shiny Pokemon and I happened to get lucky! What are the odds?!

    #652 Chesnaught
    Obtained via Masuda Method breeding on Pokemon Y. Traded to a friend. I got this after less than a box of eggs.

    #658 Greninja
    Obtained via Masuda Method breeding on Pokemon Y. Hatched in Lumiose City. Shiny charm in possession. Took several boxes, but worth it!

    #663 Talonflame
    Obtained via PokeRadar chaining on Pokemon Y at Route 2. No shiny charm. Caught as a Fletchling. I think this was my first successful chain for a shiny?

    #666 Vivillon
    Obtained via PokeRadar chaining on Pokemon Y at Route 2. No shiny charm. Caught as a Scatterbug. Got this when I had PokeRadar chaining mastered. xD It took about an hour.

    #700 Sylveon
    Obtained via Masuda Method breeding on Pokemon Alpha Sapphire at the Battle Resort. Shiny Charm in possession. Hatched as an Eevee. I was breeding for a Eevee with certain IVs for Marill here on PXR, and then BOOM SHINY.

    #739 Crabrawler
    Obtained on Pokemon Sun via SOS Chaining.

    SHINIES CAUGHT (Legitimately): 36


    Number of shinies / points until next flair level on r/ShinyPokemon: 33/45 (12)
    To be verified: Shroomish, Poochyena, Pinsir,
    Cutiefly, Cottonee, Oricorio

    TBA: Drowzee, Keldeo, Wurmple (ALL 3 ARE FROM WONDER TRADE HOLY ****), Cutiefly, Cottonee, Oricorio
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    This is an awesome idea. :3 Shiny hunters unite!

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    Ooh, awesome idea! O:

    ~Corey's Pokemon X Shiny Roster~






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    Pichu | | Lv. 30
    Diamond, Pearl & Platinum 2010 Wi-Fi Event

    Dialga | - | Lv. 100
    Black & White 2013 Gamestop Event

    Palkia | - | Lv. 100
    Black & White 2013 Gamestop Event

    Giratina | - | Lv. 100
    Black & White 2013 Gamestop Event

    Gengar | | Lv. 25
    X & Y 2014 Gamestop Event

    Beldum | - | Lv. 5
    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2014-2015 Wi-Fi Event

    Rayquaza | - | Lv. 70
    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2015 Wi-Fi Event

    Xerneas | - | Lv. 100
    X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2016 Gamestop Event


    Druddigon | | Lv. 59
    Self Caught

    Spritzee | | Lv. 14
    Self Caught

    Bulbasaur | | Lv. 52

    Umbreon | | Lv. 25

    Gardevoir | | Lv. 100

    Bisharp | | Lv. 61

    Phantamanta| | Lv. 100

    Latios | | Lv. 99

    Mamoswine | | Lv. 100

    Amoonguss | | Lv. 100

    Conkeldurr | | Lv. 100

    Latios | | Lv. 52

    Ambipom | | Lv. 49

    Mienfoo | | Lv. 14

    Noivern | | Lv. 72

    Sylveon | | Lv. 57

    Magikarp | | Lv. 15

    Latias | | Lv. 54

    Ralts | | Lv. 7

    Espeon | | Lv. 26

    Queen | | Lv. 39

    Manaphy | - | Lv. 10

    Darumaka | | Lv. 1


    GEODUDE | | Lv. 30
    Self Caught
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    ~Ninjaskarmory's Shinies~


    Ivysaur | ♂ | Soft Reset | LeafGreen
    :: My scream when I got him scared everyone in the Skype call. When I get to the Name Rater, I'll think of something. ::

    Randy | ♂ | Friend Safari Random Encounter | X
    :: I was trying to catch him with Solara, my Talonflame, and he used Body Slam on her. I didn't think it was a big deal until Flame Body activated and he burned himself. It ended up being a frantic race to catch him before he fainted. I have a little headcanon where he's in a band called Sheer Cold with my non-shiny Lapras and Glaceon cx. Named by my bf. ::

    Sirocco | ♂ | Horde Hunting | OmegaRuby
    :: The noise I made when I found him was inhuman. Master Rank Tough Contestant, undefeated. Named after the hot, dusty, Mediterranean wind. ::

    Treasure | ♂ | Horde Hunting | OmegaRuby
    :: IT. TOOK. ME. SO. LONG. TO FIND. THIS GUY. Just shy of a week to be exact. The random Pokemon generator and Pokemon Showdown both generated shinies before this little dude shone, which was really insulting. Named because he was absurdly hard to find, but rewarding. Also, he and his evolved forms look like treasure of some sort. ::


    Blueberry | ♀ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: Nothing much to say about her. Named because she's blue and pretty adorable, and Blueberry is a cute name. ::

    Alejandro | ♂ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: I found this little guy while actually searching for him. Named after the sniper rifle. ::

    Grape | ♀ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: This little girl, however, was found while looking for Chinchou. I wasn't exactly mad about this, as I really like both Octillery and Remoraid's shinies. Why not both? Named after her color. ::

    Unnamed AKA "The Cursed Third" | ♂ (I think) | Fishing Chain | X
    :: At this point, I had given up on finding my shiny Chinchou. I had a Static Pokemon in front, too :c Some lucky soul named Ben got this little yo via Wonder Trade. ::

    Bubblegum | ♀ | Gift from a friend | X
    :: I told my friend about the shiny drought I was in, and he took pity. I'm so glad he had a King's Rock; I love shiny Politoed <3 He even named her Bubblegum for me before sending her over! What a great friend. He also ended my shiny drought. I found two shinies in the two hours after this. Named for her coloration. ::

    Calliope | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: I made a noise like a whistle when I found this. Capturing her meant that I had officially found every shiny in my friend's safari. (The same one that Randy and Shivers were found in.) I love her!!! Oh my god!!! I named her Calliope because I just feel like it fits her colors. Plus, I like calling her Callie for short. ::


    Promethium | ♂ | Random Encounter | X
    :: I caught him at, like, 2 in the morning. I was about to fall asleep, but I had my volume on, and the sparkles woke me up. Named for the kind of dragon in Dragonvale, even though he's not a dragon because screw logic, it's an awesome name. Also, the dragon is a Metal dragon ingame, so yeah. ::

    Shakira | ♀ | Surprise Random Encounter | OmegaRuby
    :: This one surprised me! I was walking through the grass in Mount Pyre with my dowsing machine, and I was too lazy to use Repels. I was about to get to a rock that had an item on it, and the encounter music started. At first, I was mad, but then I saw the sparkles and abnormal color and started freaking out. Hall of Fame member. Named because her hips don't lie. ::

    Virga | ♀ | Horde Hunting | OmegaRuby
    :: My first horde shiny! Named after the rare cloud formation. ::

    Godiva | ♀ | Horde Hunting | OmegaRuby
    :: My Master Rank Cute Linoone, undefeated <3 Named after the chocolate for her fur color. ::

    Caspian | ♂ | Horde Hunting | OmegaRuby
    :: Found this little guy after three days of fruitless hunting. I was going for Electrike, but I was so stoked when I saw a Wingull with lime green on its wings (my favorite color <3)! I personally find Pelipper adorable. Named after the Caspian Tern, a relative of gulls. ::

    Atlantis | ♀ | Chain Fishing | OmegaRuby
    :: My first chain fishing shiny! I squealed and jumped back about 2 feet from my DS when I found her. I was only on, like, the 35th or 36th Feebas, and I was over the moon when I found her (Milotic is one of my favorite shinies)! I was very amused while feeding her Pokeblocks to evolve her. Moral of the story: Stuffing your face with candy will make you beautiful. Named after the mythical island. ::

    Dungeness | ♀ | Chain Fishing | OmegaRuby
    :: I first caught this girl as a male named Hermit. I may or may not have forgotten to save. I spent hours and hours reclaiming this shiny, and I'm very satisfied with the result. I must say I prefer shiny Corphish to Crawdaunt, but there's something about Crawdaunt's shiny that I just like. Named after the type of crab. ::

    Honey Lemon | ♀ | Friend Safari Random Encounters | X
    :: I just found her out of the blue, and I was tired, so my reaction to her was really calm! Pretty much just, "Oh, wow. No way. I just found a shiny. Wow." Named after the character in Big Hero 6. ::

    Mariana | ♀ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: I could've sworn shiny Relicanth was pink. Oh well, can't say I'm disappointed! Quite the contrary. Named for the deepest point of the world's oceans. ::

    Aphrodite | ♀ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: I love the golden color on this one. She didn't take very long to find, if I recall correctly. Named after the Greek goddess of love <3 ::

    Rayquaza | - | Event | OmegaRuby
    :: I was in a sad mood until I found a tumblr post saying "ORAS players, go to Mystery Gift and select 'receive via internet'! You will not be disappointed!" It boosted my mood a lot. ::

    ZhonyasPizza | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: OH MY GOD. IT TOOK ME ALL. SUMMER. TO FIND A SHINY. At least it's this beauty <3 I named her this because someone once requested that I would name the next yellow or golden shiny I found this. It's a reference to videogamedunkey, a YouTuber I love. ::

    Sublime | ♂ | Soft Reset | Ruby
    :: Holy Christmas on a cracker. It literally took me ALMOST A YEAR TO FIND THIS GUY. Upon seeing him, I proceeded to let out a record- and eardrum-shattering scream. My parents slept through it. In all honesty, this was the least complicated name I could have gone for. I had at least three other options that I could back up with deep research and multiple meanings, but did I use them? Nope. So, meet Sublime. ::

    Nautilus | ♂ | Chain Fishing | X
    :: I was feeling super generous, so I went shiny hunting for the Skype chat I'm in. I already have a Blastoise named Nautilus in one of my Nuzlockes, but this guy is going to a fellow player of League of Legends. He's Adamant nature, which makes me a bit jealous of the person it's going to. ::

    Murakumo | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: FINALLY NAHKJSHJSAHJDKASHJKDHASN *static* I love this shiny to death. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I was when I finally found him. Named after the curved greatsword from Dark Souls <3 ::

    Shivers | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: I. LOVE. THIS. SHINY! This little guy was the second shiny I've ever found in one of my friends' safari. (The first was Randy.) She got pretty jealous at that point. His name is pretty self-explanatory. ::

    Sahara | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Not much to say about this girl, other than the fact that I love her colors. She's named after the desert, and I love her <3 ::


    Dialga | - | Event | White2
    :: I was watching out for this event like a hawk, and I was rewarded. ::

    Palkia | - | Event | White2
    :: Not much to say about this one. The slight color change is nothing to write home about, but it's somehow pleasing. ::

    Giratina | - | Event | White2
    :: One of my favorite shinies! I was so stoked to get this one. It's really fun to pet the god of the Distortion World and give it cupcakes. Amie is incredible. ::


    Skallyk/Scavenger | ♀ | Wonder Trade | X
    :: I had to double check to see if she was actually a shiny! Vullaby is one of the less obvious ones. I can't nickname her ingame, as I got her from a German wonder trader, so she's stuck as Skallyk there, but I've dubbed her Scavenger. ::

    L'Oréal | ♂ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: My bf thought I saw a spider when I found this shiny and screamed XD I wanted to name him Maybelline, but noticed his gender. Still named him L'Oréal, because that fab winged eyeliner cannot be ignored. ::

    Runesky | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: I gasped so hard when I saw him!! I was looking for Munna, but this safari also had Sigilyph and Xatu, and I was fine with those as well. I honestly really love this shiny! It looks so ancient and mysterious. Named for the patterns on his body and the fact that he's a Flying-type. ::

    Reverie | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Now THIS is what I was looking for! I found her not long after Runesky, and I was so happy! I like Munna's shiny colors, but I can't wait until I evolve her! Shiny Musharna is gorgeous. Named after the word meaning "a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream." ::

    Nile | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: That's not an Absol. I was watching Sleepy Jirachi's Supreme Randomizer and running around in a Dark friend safari when I found this little dude. He may not have been my target, but he's adorable anyway. <3 Named after the river in Egypt. ::

    Cruella | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: That's not an Absol either. What is it with me and finding back-to-back friend safari shinies?? I might trade her, I might not. I think since Scavenger has been around longer, she'll get the rights to evolve into a Mandibuzz, but Cruella's probably content as a Vullaby. After all, her name fits her more in this color scheme. Named after the villain from 101 Dalmatians. ::

    BC Panoreos | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: She's one of the shinies I got while I was camping without WiFi. That, combined with my laziness, is the reason why it took me so long to add her. I love her shade of blue <3 Her name is short for Birthday Cake Panoreos, which are a beautiful dessert I learned about from my brothers. (They're Oreos baked into pancakes!) ::

    Hershey | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Here's another camping shiny. Not much to say about him, except that I'm impressed I didn't scream while everyone was sleeping. Named after the chocolate brand. ::

    Russell | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Second verse, same as the first. Named after Russell Stover. Yet another chocolate name. cx ::

    Sacred | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: I'm so happy about this shiny!! I was initially hunting for Ponyta, but she was sort of a side target. I can't wait to evolve her <3 No particular reason for the name, but I suppose Volcarona is pretty sacred, as it's found in those ruins in Unova. ::

    Banjo | ♀ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Okay, seriously. She was one of THREE shiny Larvestas I found in a safari consisting of just that and Ponyta. (I accidentally ran from the second one.) The name was for a friend. I traded her to said friend to get... ::

    Galapaflos | ♂ | Gift from a friend in return for Banjo | X
    :: ...this beauty! Apparently, my friend got him on Wonder Trade. He's German, hence the name. I like it. ::


    Cadbury | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: I almost ran from him because I wasn't paying attention! He ended my shiny drought of I think about 3 weeks to a month. I love him so much! Named for the chocolate brand. I may or may not ship him with Godiva because of this. ::

    Tec-9 | ♀ | Fishing Chain | X
    :: I screamed "YO" very loudly in the car with my mom and my boyfriend. Needless to say, it startled them. Named after the gun. ::

    Yveltal | - | Mystery Gift | X
    :: I'm honestly surprised I got this one in time! I missed Xerneas, RIP :'c ::

    Frazil | ♂ | Friend Safari | X
    :: Yet another camping shiny. I can't remember if my brothers saw me catch him or not. Either way, he's still awesome. Named after one of my OCs who happens to be an Avalugg, but not shiny. ::

    Total Count: 46
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    I've been doing this in another thread but is this the more appropriate one?

    Pokemon AS (not counting several traded shinies I have):
    Serperior (hatch):

    Ponyta (wild, hunt):

    Phantump (wild, hunt):

    Update 10/12/16
    Roselia (Wild, Random)

    Two new shines from a little while ago:

    Tentacool/now Tentacruel (wild/random):

    Eevee (wild, hunt):

    Fire Red:
    Bulbasaur (Starter, soft reset. It's a Venusaur now but this is the only photo I have currently):

    Leaf Green:
    Machop (wild, random):
    No Photo Currently Available.

    Soul Silver:
    Machop (Wild, random) (Now a machoke):
    No Photo Currently Available.

    Sneasel (Wild, random):

    Ghastly (wild, random):

    Unfortunately the cartridge started to show a sign of the battery dying the next day so I stopped playing and now the file is gone.
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