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    Brandon's Trainer card!

    GCEA Version: Blizzard Blue/Decimation Blue
    Points Earned From Posting: 269
    Bonus Points Earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses): +240
    Total Points: 509
    Points Spent: 412
    Current Points: 103
    Trainer Name: Brandon
    Badges: 3 , Pewter City - Brock, Cerulean City - Misty, Veridian city - LT Surge

    Character Info

    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5 foot 8, 140 pounds with dark brown hair, hazel colored eyes, red hat, blue shirt, blue jacket and blue jeans.
    Personality: Light hearted, stubborn, tries to be funny, willing to be a team player, always positive
    Region: Sinnoh

    Pokedex Info

    Pokemon In Party: (6/6) ♂ ♀

    1.) Charizard
    Nickname: Skipper

    Points: 36

    2.) Marshtomp

    Points: 16

    3.) Arbok

    Points: 30

    4.) Primeape

    Points: 30

    5.) Beedrill

    Points: 30

    6.) Parasect

    Points: 25

    Temporary Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: Sparky

    Points: 25

    (Kanto Dex=15)(Kanto Captures=9)(Kanto Evolved=4)(Kanto Fully Evolved=6)
    Pidgeotto (18), Manky (7), Metapod (7), Nidoran (9), Zubat (9), Charmeleon (16), Parasect (25), Ekans (12), Weedle (5), Duskull (19), Primeape (30), Beedrill (30), Marshtomp (16), Arbok (30), Butterfree (25), Charizard (36)

    National Dex : (Full Dex=15)(Captures=9)(Evolved=5)(Fully Evolved=6)
    Marshtomp (16)

    Boxed Pokemon:(8)

    Basic Stage

    Nidoran (8)


    Zubat (9)

    Oddish (10)

    -Riolu (25)

    -Butterfree (25)

    -Abra (10)

    -Duskull (19)

    Held Items
    -Pokeball x3
    -Pokedex, Journal
    -Scarfs (×2)


    (-20)(4 Potions)
    Lotto Ticket(-4)

    Captures: (Points spent:-94)
    Starly (5), Mudkip (FREE), Manky (7), Caterpie (5), Nidoran (9), Zubat (9), Ekans (11), Paras (9), Weedle (FREE EGG), Oddish (10), Riolu (FREE POKEMON), Abra (10), Duskull (19)

    Evolution: (Points spent:-168)
    -Skipper (Charmander) to Charmeleon (16)
    -Mudkip to Marshtomp (16)
    -Pidgey to Pidgetto (18)
    -Caterpie to Metapod (7)
    -Paras to Parasect (24)
    -Metapod to Butterfree (10)
    -Mankey to Primeape (2)
    -Weedle to Kakuna (7)
    -Kakuna to Beedrill (10)
    -Ekans to Arbok (22)
    -Skipper (Charmeleon) to Charizard (36)

    Leveling Up: (Points spent: -126)
    Pidgey (3 Levels)(-6)
    Manky (13 Levels)(-26)
    Ekans (1 Level)(-2)
    Butterfree (15 Levels)(-30)
    Parasect (1 Level) (-2)
    Primeape (2 levels) (-4)
    Arbok (8 levels) (-16)
    -Beedrill (20 levels) (-40)

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (Points:0)

    Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: (3)
    Mudkip (FREE)
    Riolu (FREE)
    Rotom (FREE)

    Achievements (3)
    -Pewter City Gym: Brock
    -Cerulean City Gym - Misty
    -Veridian City Gym - LT. Surge

    Jobs: (+)

    Events/Bonus Cash: (+218)
    -GCEA Yellow Posts (+43)
    -Won the lotto (+10)
    -Won the lotto +10
    -Triple Points weekend (+96)
    - Sins Mini Event (+14)
    -Cerulean City Event (+10)
    -Wishing happy birthday to fellow gceaers (+5)
    -Entering Resurgent Red start up even (+30)

    Battle Points: (+7)
    Won pokemon battle (1st one) +2 points awarded by Max Link
    Beating Rocky in a battle (+5). Link to post

    Event Log:
    - Day 1 (3/15/2015): Recieved a starter pokemon and became best friend with Skipper my charmander who will the team leader of my pokemon team. Caught Pidgy, Skipper faught well.
    -Been very interesting and crazy few days, Skipper has become a great leader and pokemon, so has my #2 Marshtomp. Battled 2 gym leaders, Team Rocket, Shopped and as far as beyond Cerulean City.
    -Has a crazy insane few days, survived a shipwreck, got off at One Island, held off evil Dredd AGAIN while Rose, Ty and a couple others went to destroy gem, Ty gets gem before rose, Dredd, me and everyone rushes to scene, but Ty destorys gem, causing huge explosion that would have killed them all if not for a pink pokemon (Mew) appearing and using a move to bring them to safety, Ty and Dredd remain behind, the fate of both is unknown, Ty presumed dead, Team is on an island and is currently to find a way off of it.
    -Egg hatches into a level 25 Rotom (Electric/Light) in Cerulean City.

    GCEA Journal:
    Entry:# Points:
    Entry:#1 (Points:15)
    Total: 15

    GCEA Sketch Book:
    Entry:# Points:
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