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    Rose Woods (Blizzard Blue

    GCEA Version: Blizzard Blue
    Points Earned From Posting: 247
    Other points earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses): 447
    Total Points: 694
    Points Spent: 548
    Current Points: 144
    Trainer Name: Rose Woods
    Badges: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow

    Character Info

    Name: Rose Woods
    Age: 14 (15 as of DB)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Rose stands at about 5’5. She has a slim build. Her warm brown hair is long and straight, and her eyes are a similar shade of warm brown. Her skin is very light. She normally wears pretty basic clothing. Because she can’t actually see how the clothes look, she often picks clothing with colors that don’t match. They are almost always simple shorts and T-shirts.
    Personality: While not necessarily immature for her age, there is something a bit childlike about Rose's behavior. She is very naive and will generally believe most things she is told within reason. She is very polite about everything she says and does, and has ands hard time telling people things how they are and not sugar coating too much. She is shy around other people, but can be surprisingly brave when she has friends with her.
    Personal Traits that describe you character: Friendly, Kind, Shy
    Backstory: Rose was only four when she lost her vision. Anyone could have fallen down the stairs and walked away just fine, but Rose wasn’t so lucky. After tripping down the stairs, she slammed the back of her head into the banister, knocking her unconcious. Her parents took her to the hospital, where she woke up a short time later. She found when she woke up though that she could no longer see.

    Rose was too young to fully understand what this would mean for her future. She was sad at first, but quickly adapted. She was homeschooled by a teacher who specialized in teaching the blind. She didn’t really begin to realize how different she was from everyone who could see until she was much older. As she grew up, she began to become lonely from not having any friends. From not even having the opportunity to be with other people her age aside from some family members, her social skills were nonexistent.

    Everything changed for the better when Rose was 11. She participated in a study that tried to form telepathic links between blind people and psychic Pokemon. The study found some success, and Rose was able to form a link with a Chingling. With the help of the Chingling, Rose was able to sense her surroundings.The Chingling was doing all the sensing. It was just telepathically transmitting the information to Rose, allowing her to know the area around her. Of course, this still had it’s limitations. Rose still wasn’t technically seeing. It was as if she simply knew where the objects within a short radius around her were. This meant she still couldn’t read, or watch TV, or do most things that you would need sight to do. Still though, it was a huge improvement over before, as she no longer needed help getting around.

    When Rose was 12, her father was transferred to work in Kanto, and their family moved. Rose remained home schooled, as her inability to read meant she would still be unable to succeed at a normal school.

    Rose had become particularly close to the Chingling who had been helping her. It had become one of her closest friends. Rose had decided that she wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer, but her parents would never allow such a thing. One day she finally got the courage to ask her parents, but as expected, they wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Still though, she wouldn’t give up. She kept asking and asking, and finally when she was 14, her parents caved in and allowed her to go. She hoped to take on the gyms, and eventually to train psychic type Pokemon like the one who had helped her so much.
    1. Family: Mother and Father, a couple of cousins, and an uncle. Everyone else lives in Hoenn.
    2. Pokemon experience: Extensive time spent with her… uh… seeing eye chingling?
    3. Past experience that has defined your character: Going blind pretty much made her who she is.
    4. Powers: It’s not really her power so much as it is the Pokemon’s power being used in a way that it acts as if it was Rose’s power (same difference I guess), but Rose can sense her surroundings for a reasonable distance around her. There is a limit to how far she can sense, and if the chingling faints or travels too far from her, she loses this ability, and is completely blind. The surroundings sensed are actually what is around the Chingling, but the Chingling stays close enough to Rose normally that it doesn’t make a difference.
    Special Pokemon:
    Personal Goals: Take on the gyms, and eventually train psychic type Pokemon like the one who had helped her so much.
    Pet Peeves: Sudden loud noises
    Region: Hoenn
    Favorite Pokemon: None imparticular
    Favorite Type: Psychic
    GCEA TY or BB: BB
    What starter Pokemon: Charmander
    Which Mega would you like?: Ralts w/ Gardevoirite
    Drawing or Writing: Either one, but writing would be best probably.
    Side Notes: The Chingling would start as Rose’s partner Pokemon.

    Pokedex Info

    Pokemon In Party: (6/6) ♂ ♀

    1.) Charizard (Ember/Male) (36/36)

    2.) Gardevoir (Lily/Female) (36/36)

    3.) Rotom (36/36 Light/Electric)

    4.) Parasect (Para/Female) (36/36)

    5.) Gabite (Male) (36/36)

    6.) Doublade (36/36)

    x.) Golbat (Ruby/Male) (22/22)

    x.) Ponyta (22/22)

    x.) Mime Jr. (IDK)

    Partner Pokemon
    Chingling (Amirah/Female) (20/20)

    Egg: None

    Kanto Dex: (Kanto Captures=8)(Kanto Evolved=2)(Kanto Fully Evolved=1)

    National Dex : (Full Dex=)(Captures=4)(Evolved=1)(Fully Evolved=0)
    (Does not count towards your Kanto Dex info, So these are event. Only pokemon that are NOT included in the GCEA KANTO Dex belong here. )

    Boxed Pokemon:()

    First Stage Pokemon
    Mankey (Courage/Male) (17/17)
    Nidorino (_/Male) (8/8)
    Tentacool (18/18)
    Rattata (Faith/Female) (5/5)
    Natu (13/13)
    Cleffa (9/9)
    Pancham (14/14)
    Eevee (25/25)
    Beldum (15/15)
    Chikorita (5/5)
    Inkay (24/24)

    Second Stage Pokemon

    Fletchhinder (17/17)

    Final Stage


    Potion X2
    Moon Stone X1
    Green Scarf X1
    Great Ball X1
    Everstone X1
    Iron x5
    Fresh Water x5
    Type Item Voucher x1
    Focus Sash x1
    Mach Belt x1
    Potion x1
    Great Ball x1
    Chesto Berry x1

    -15 donation
    -1 lottery ticket
    -5 pickpocket
    -1 lottery ticket
    -58 Pokemart

    Captures: (Points spent:-148)
    Rattata -5
    Mankey -7
    Nidoran -8
    Zubat -9
    Paras -9
    Cleffa -9
    Fletchling -9
    -18 Tentacool
    -13 Natu
    -15 Pancham
    -24 Inkay
    -22 Ponyta

    Evolution: (Points spent:-206)
    -20 Evolving Ralts
    -16 Evolving Charmander
    -24 evolving Paras
    -16 evolving nidorino
    -17 Evolving Fletchling
    -22 evolving Zubat
    -35 evolving honedge
    -36 evolving charmeleon
    -20 evolving kirlia

    Leveling Up: (Points spent: -114)
    Mankey +6: -12
    Mankey +3: -6
    Mankey +1: -2
    Paras +1: -2
    Kirlia +5: -10
    Charmeleon +5: -10
    Parasect +6: -12
    Gabite +5: -10
    Rotom +11: -22
    Parasect +6: -12
    Gardevoir +6: -2 (Iron used)
    Gabite +6: -12
    Doublade +1: -2

    Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased: (Points:0)

    [u]Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: (0)

    Achievements (0)
    (Gym Badge or special unlocks )

    Jobs: (+96)
    (If you have a job)
    +3 Sketchpad
    +3 Sketchpad
    +3 Sketchpad
    +3 Sketchpad
    +8 Sketchpad X3
    +8 Sketchpad
    +8 sketchpad
    +8 sketchpad
    +8 sketchpad
    +8 sketchpad
    7/25/19 +25

    Events/Bonus Cash: (+125)
    (Any bonus that was not earned through a battle goes here)
    Thunder Yellow +18
    Max's Bday +5
    +34 X3 weekend
    +24 birthday July 2015
    +5 birthday wishes
    +10 Lottery
    +19 Cerulean event
    +10 lottery
    +32 Shadow World Event

    Battle Points: (+30)
    Draw Vs Moon +3
    Victory Vs Trainer +5
    Victory Vs Meghan +5
    Wild Zubats +6
    Victory vs Joe +11

    Event Log:
    (Keep Track of daily events or things you want to remember)

    GCEA Journal:
    Entry:# Points:

    GCEA Sketch Book:
    Entry: 1 Points: 15
    Entry: 2 Points: 15
    Total: 30

    Achievements: +130

    Will actually add in each individual achievement later when I'm less busy, but there's the link above
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