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Thread: Fisto's AMAZING Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke

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    Fisto's AMAZING Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke


    Initial Info:

    Name: Fistodragon
    Game: Pokemon Yellow
    Additional Clauses: Nickname, Duplicate



    Defeat Brock (Defeated on March 6th, 2016) (DEADLINE: MARCH 12TH) Time: 3:20
    Defeat Misty (Defeated on March 6th, 2016) (Deadline: March 20th) Time: 3:14
    Defeat Lt. Surge (Defeated on March 13th, 2016) (Deadline: March 26th) Time: 1:30
    Arrive at Lavender Town (Completed on March 15th, 2016) (Deadline: N/A) Time: 3:34
    Defeat Erika(Completed on March 20th, 2016)(Deadline: N/A) Time: 2:02
    Defeat Giovanni in Rocket Game Corner (Completed on March 28th, 2016) (Deadline: N/A) Time: 1:17
    Defeat Koga
    Defeat Giovanni in Silph Co.
    Defeat Sabrina
    Defeat Blaine
    Arrive at Pokemon League
    Defeat Champion Blue/Gary

    Total gameplay time: 14:57


    My Team:

    Name: Sparky
    Level: 35
    Moves: Thundershock - Quick Attack - Slam - Thunderbolt
    Obtained: Prof. Oak

    Name: Lily
    Level: 27
    Moves: Sleep Powder - Confusion - Mega Drain - Flash
    Obtained: Viridian Forest

    Name: Bulba
    Level: 22
    Moves: Tackle - Cut - Poisonpowder - Vine Whip
    Obtained: Cerulean City (Gift)

    Name: Char
    Level: 29
    Moves: Rage - Seismic Toss - Ember - Dig
    Obtained: Route 24 (Gift)

    Name: Blast
    Level: 27
    Moves: Tackle - Water Gun - Bite - Bubblebeam
    Obtained: Vermillion City (Gift)

    Name: Vee
    Level: 26
    Moves: Double Edge - Sand Attack - Growl - Quick Attack
    Obtained: Celadon City (Gift)

    Boxed Pokemon (Reason: Not enough room on team)

    Name: Queen
    Level 20
    Moves: Water Gun - Tackle - Scratch - Double Kick
    Obtained: Route 9
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    Name: Spyke
    Level: 14
    Moves: Tackle - Tail Whip - Quick Attack - Hyper Fang
    Obtained: Route 5
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    Name: Drow
    Level: 15
    Moves: Pound - Hypnosis - Disable
    Obtained: Route 11
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    Name: Chop
    Level: 18
    Moves: Karate Chop
    Obtained: Rock Tunnel
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    Name: Magnet
    Level: 20
    Moves: Tackle
    Obtained: Route 10
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    Name: Tres
    Level: 20
    Moves: Gust - Sand Attack - Quick Attack - Whirlwind
    Obtained: Route 7
    *Currently in PC. Not enough room on team

    = = = =

    You will be dearly missed..

    Name: Pepper
    Level: 6
    Obtained: Route 1

    Name: Nido
    Level: 4
    Obtained: Route 2

    Name: Razor
    Level: 9
    Moves: Leech Life
    Obtained: Mt. Moon

    Name: Spear
    Level: 11
    Moves: Peck - Growl - Leer
    Obtained: Route 3

    Name: Rosa
    Level: 12
    Moves: Absorb
    Obtained: Route 24

    Name: BoBo
    Level: 16
    Obtained: Route 22

    Name: Gust
    Level: 17
    Obtained: Route 6

    Name: Diggy
    Level: 19
    Obtained: Diglett's cave
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    My rival grabbed his shiny new pokeball from his belt and said "GO EEVEE!". Eevee appeared in a glimmering bright white light. Eevee was looking around in the lab curiously. Gary shouted "Hey fisto, which pokemon did you get?" but I ignored him and turned my cap backwards. ***** was about to get real.

    GO PIKACHU! i shouted in excitement. Pikachu appeared and seemed to be annoyed with me sending it out to battle. I looked at Professor Oak as he just shrugged and said "Just give it time I suppose". I gave Pikachu the command to use Thunderbolt at Eevee but it proceeded to use it on me instead...

    As I was making my way through Route 1, I noticed a man standing near some trees. I approached the strange man who was mumbling to himself and he said..

    I asked the strange man what the sample was. He introduced himself as an employee at the Poke Mart and he was kindly giving me a sample of their newly stocked Potions. I thanked him and moved along. I finally stepped into what I will soon learn as Viridian city. I visited the local Poke Mart to thank the owner for the Potion. Upon entering, he saw me and said..

    Sarcastically I said "No...I came from outer space". The owner started freaking out so he must of been into that kind of stuff. I told the owner that I was joking and I was indeed from Pallet town. He had a huge sigh of relief and then laughed. He asked me if I could deliver a package to Prof. Oak. I told him sure and that I had nothing else better to do.

    I arrived back in Pallet Town and proceed to talk to Oak.

    He thanked me for delivering his goods. Gary stormed in and bragged about how strong his Eevee became. Prof. Oak gave both of us Pokedex's and some pokeballs to get us going.

    Gary just pointed and started laughing at me. I yelled to him "What's so funny!?". He responded with" You can't even control your pokemon" and proceeded to start laughing again. Moments later, Gary commanded Eevee to use Tackle and in response, Pikachu used Thundershock on its own. This probably went on for a solid 5 minutes but it resulted in Pikachu being victorious. "I won't consider this a loss!" exclaimed Gary as he stormed out of the Professor's office. Prof. Oak had nothing else to say so I just continued forwards to the next town.

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    I walked back to Route 1 with a bag full of pokeballs (11 bwahahaha). I was prepared. I WILL CATCH MY FIRST POKEMAN.

    Suddenly, I hear a strange noise in the tree. OUT COMES A..

    Pikachu refused to help me so I had to catch Pidgey on my own

    And it was successful! Pidgey had no idea what was happening until the pokeball captured it.
    After this success, I decided to head on over to Route 22 to catch my next pokemon. I had encountered a...

    Wow! Mankey was swinging around in the trees just staring down Pikachu. Pikachu got mad and used Thunderbolt. Before Pikachu could kill it, I threw my Pokeball and was successful. During my intense training, I encountered Gary (still on route 22). We battled and oh man, he was tougher. Pikachu proved to Gary that he became strong too! Pidgey, the first pokemon I ever caught, wanted to prove its strength to Gary but died in the process. After defeating Gary and teasing me about my pokemon's death, I proceeded to stay on route 22 as he took off.

    Good bye....Pepper....You will be missed dearly.

    I trained some more and headed off to Route 2 to catch my 3rd pokemon. I encountered a Nidoran and caught it. A woman told me to be careful in Viridian Forest as I proceeded to venture there. I encountered a...Metapod!? *facepalm* what a useless pokemon but I catch it anyway.
    After some more training, Nido (Nidoran) also had died.. I couldn't handle this anymore. I need to escape this forest! A trainer stood in my way so I defeated him with ease. I head on over to Pewter City's Pokemon Center to heal up.
    I decided I needed to train Lily (Metapod) a bit more before she is ready to face Brock. As we were training...a strange white glow surrounded Lily. COULD THIS BE?!...

    Lily did indeed involve into a Butterfree! Now she isn't so useless after all.
    Now it is time..the moment I was looking forward to....facing my greatest challenge...Pewter City's gym leader..

    He sent out his Geodude. Geodude punched a rock and shattered it into pieces just to show off his strength. I felt a little intimidated but its nothing my pokemon can't handle!!...right? I proceeded to send out BoBo (Mankey) into battle. Geodude was packing some powerful punches but Mankey stayed strong and used his Low Kick to send Geodude flying. Geodude was unable to battle! BoBo was starting to celebrate but it was too soon to celebrate now. Mankey saw Brock's next pokemon... Onix...
    I encouraged BoBo not to panic and to do his best. Onix used Bind and BoBo was in some serious trouble now! After escaping Onix's Bind and dodging his Screech, BoBo went in for his low kick as Onix stores up energy. Onix, about ready to attack with the energy stored, wasn't fast enough against my speedy BoBo! BoBo finished off Onix with a low kick! WE DID IT. WE DEFEATED BROCK.

    Brock congratulated me and told me where to go to beat the next gym leader, Misty!


    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    I exited Pewter City's gym and went to quickly heal my pokemon before I set off on my journey again. I quickly turned around and went back to the Poke Mart. I told myself that I should re-stock on my items just in-case.
    Bought Items: 5 pokeballs, 2 potions, 3 Antidotes, 1 Awakening
    I battled my way through many many MANY trainers on Route 3.
    I finally encounter my first pokemon on route 3...

    Pikachu attacked it with his Quick Attack and Spearow got furious at us. I turn my cap backwards and quickly threw a pokeball at it!

    It wobbled once...twice...three times and...BING. IT WAS CAUGHT.

    I was so excited to have caught another pokemon! As i battle through a few more trainers, I had finally arrived at Mt. Moon's entrance.
    I read a sign that told me to beware of Zubats. I scratched my head and proceeded to walk further into the cave and then I ran into a...

    ..wild zubat!
    A throw a pokeball at it and it was caught! Phew. I thought that thing was going to kill me!!
    As I battled my way through multiple trainers and discovered new items, I noticed a few fellow people in black uniforms with a big red "R" on them.

    One of them noticed and chased me for a bit until I got backed into a corner. Pikachu jumped off my shoulders and used Thundershock on him. I thanked PIkachu and proceeded my way through the cave.
    I eventually found some super nerd who was guarding two fossils. He kept mumbling "THEY'RE BOTH MINE. YOU CAN'T HAVE ONE" and immediately threw out his pokemon to battle. After defeating both of his pokemon, he apologized to me.

    I took the Dome Fossil, thanked him, and was about to exist the cave when suddenly...

    Two more people with the strange letter "R" appeared! But this time, there uniforms were white and not black like the others. Could they be of a higher rank than the others?

    They started to sing and I proceeded to let my Pikachu use Thundershock on them. Meowth was able to kill Razor (Zubat) before they blasted off. Damn them all!

    Why? Why do they continue to kill my pokemon? Why do pokemon have the intent to kill one another? I must find the meaning behind this!

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    I finally arrived in Cerulean city! After healing my pokemon at the pokemon center, I walked into a house. I saw a young woman who told me that she takes care of injured pokemon. After we had a long and serious conversation about pokemon and life in general, she thought that Bulbasaur should be taken by me. Bulbasaur agreed and so Bulbasaur became a member of my team! Not to long after...I ran into Gary.

    I said to myself "Great...not him again..."
    And as usual, he started bragging about how many pokemon he caught and how strong they got.

    Yeah..yeah.. my pokemon got stronger to Gary. He told me to prove it to him so we engaged into a battle
    Spear took one for the team as he used himself as a shield to protect BoBo. I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" and Gary just chuckled. I cried "YOU MONSTER!" and BoBo defeated them out of rage. Gary just said "Hmph!" and stormed off as usual. up...spear...You will never be forgotten for your heroic actions Spear..

    I defeated the 5 trainers on the bridge and received a gold nugget as my reward. Then the man wanted me to join team rocket. I told him "I REFUSE. I CANNOT JOIN AN ORGANIZATION WHO ENJOYS KILLING OTHER POKEMON". He then proceeded to battle me after being annoyed that i refused his offer.

    A wild Oddish appeared! I wasn't in the mood but I caught it anyway. I named it Rosa.
    A man was there and he was mumbling to himself. He told me that he should release his Charmander because it felt unhappy. He wasn't the best trainer to him and he wanted the best for Charmander. He politely asked If I would take his Charmander but only if I promised to take care of it! I told him I promise and accepted the Charmander.

    I thanked the man and proceeded to go find Bill before I challenge Misty.
    As I was training, a strange man sent his Machop and killed Rosa...THAT JERK! I sent out Pikachu to eliminate him.
    After battling a decent amount of trainers to reach Bill, someone again sent their Machop to kill my pokemon but this time..IT WAS BOBO! and bobo....we've been together for awhile...As I fall to my knees, I slammed my fist to the ground. WHY?! WHY BOBO!? Lily happily finished off the jerk...BOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I entered Bill's house and nobody was home except for a Pokemon. The pokemon started to talk! I'm not a pokemon shouted the mysterious thing. I'm Bill, the pokemaniac! Confused I asked "then why are you a pokemon?". He explained the whole situation and I helped him out

    He asked if I wanted to see his pokemon collection and I said no. He told me that's a bummer and handed me a S.S. Anne ticket! He told me that its a party and that he wants me to attend instead of him.

    I headed back towards Cerulean city. Upon my arrival, I enter another house that had an officer on the outside. I go inside to investigate. 2 people were saddened that someone had trashed their home and said "Damn you team rocket!". Team rocket! Aha! So that's who they are called. I sent out my pikachu to go after the crook. Sparky almost was killed by Machop so I had Lily finish the job. Afterwards, I headed over to the Cerulean gym. This is it! I said excitedly. Time to get my 2nd gym badge!

    Staryu and Starmie were no match for my Lily and Sparky! We defeated Misty together!

    Misty seemed annoyed that she lost to the likes of me but she seemed to accept it and handed me over my badge.


    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    After I had left the Gym, I decided to head over to the pokemart to stock up on items.

    I purchased: 10 pokeballs, 12 potions, 2 Escape Ropes, 9 Antidotes, 3 Burn Heals. (WOWZERS)

    Now that I'm fully stocked up, I was headed off to the next town to receive my next badge! ^_^

    I hear rustling in the grass...It was a...

    Shake...shake...shake...BING. YES! IT WAS CAUGHT! I'll call you...Spyke (BWAHAHAHAHA)

    We finally reached route 6 and suddenly a wild...

    Another wild pidgey! That's actually what I needed actually *flashbacks occur* I'll make it mine!
    Pidgey was caught! I named it Gust. What is this?! Char..

    Awesome! I went ahead and taught him dig. After Sparky and Lily both close to dead (I'm down to like 4 potions now lol), I finally arrived in Vermillion city!
    I noticed something shiny in my was a Nugget! Excellent! Time to buy a mass supply of Potions now ^_^
    Purchased: 13 Super Potions (there goes my 9k ;-;)

    I went inside Diglett's cave and caught... a diglet xD I named it Diggy and now it's time to go train!
    After a tiny training session, I get aboard on the S.S. Anne to see what's up.

    Oh what do YOU want I said in a annoyed tone. He started bragging about how many pokemon he has seen and caught and started a battle with me. Those super potions saved my *** that battle. I beat him and carried on.
    I talked to the captain to see why the ship hasn't left and it turns out he was sick. I help him out and he gives me the HM Cut! Wait! I dropped something off the boat. I get off and the boat starts to leave without me ;-; how could youuuuu

    I taught Bulba cut and proceeded my way to my gym battle!

    No way! I yelled at Lt. surge and we continued to battle a long and hard fought battle.

    Finally, I beat him with a thunderwave and a few slams. He was SHOCKED that he lost. HA! GET IT? SHOCKED? Okay I'll stop.

    Officer jenny came up to me and offered me a Squirtle. She couldn't tame it and since I had 3 gym badges, she thinks I'm worthy.

    I named him Blast and taught him Bubblebeam. Welcome to the squad!


    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Shortly after receiving Squirtle, I went onwards to Route 11 where I encountered a...

    I proceeded to capture it and I named it Drow. Afterwards, I went to train Blast and Bulba in Diglett's Cave.

    Awesome! Now I'm ready to set off to Lavender town. But first, I must defeat all these trainers on Route 11!

    After doing so, I head back to Diglett's cave to arrive on the other side. I cut down a tree (omg u monster) and talk to one of Prof. Oak's aides. He gave me HM 05, Flash, so I can light my way to Lavender town through Rock Tunnel.

    I run into an extra trainer that I thought I had beaten but I guess not. Turns out, that was Gust's last battle....


    I headed to Route 10 and encountered a...

    I caught it and named it Magnet.
    I went to the Pokemon Center nearby to heal up and grab Diggy because Gust had died..
    I realized that I haven't caught a pokemon on Route 9 yet so I go ahead and go back. Some dude stops me and starts attacking me with his Geodude and Onix. Nothing my Diggy can't handle right? ...right?...

    Diggy...I've known you for a short time and you pass away...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    Blast uses his water gun to kill onix.
    When I arrived to Route 9, I encountered a....

    I caught it and proceeded to make my way back to the Rock Tunnel to head on over to Lavender Town. I went to the pokemon center first and replaced Diggy's spot, because he died, with Queen (Nidorina). I defeated many trainers in the Rock Tunnel and even encounted a...

    I see..light....I SEE LIGHT! I run towards the cave and a few more trainers were waiting for me outside to beat them ;)

    So this is Lavender Town...spooky.


    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    here ya go

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Yosh! Time for little grade number one.

    Pokemon Caught = 17; 17 points
    Pokemon Dead = 8; -16 points
    Fastest Nuzlocker = 3; 12 Points (4 Checkpoints)


    Nuzlocke Thread = 3;

    - sweet use of screenshots & anime pictures (relevant)

    Humor & Creativity = 3;

    Frigging entertaining to the core bro xD Hahaha, I really had a good laugh reading through your nuzlockes. It was one of the very first to be up, and you were really fast in blasting through all the checkpoints :'3

    TOTAL: 19 Points!
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    Goal Started: Defeat Erika

    After talking to the folks about this town, I headed on over to the big tower. Once inside, it felt kinda strange in something is trying to get my attention...but I ignored it and proceeded to talk to this lady who was crying in the corner of the room.

    I sat down with her telling her how I lost my first pokemon and how heartbreaking that was, then i lost another and so on. I told her of all the cruel people in the world and that she should train super hard to prevent her pokemon from being killed. She hugged me and we parted ways.

    I started to get furious towards Gary. YOU'VE KILLED SEVERAL OF MY POKEMON EARLIER YOU BA-...I calmed down and he engaged into a battle with me.
    After the battle had finished, he left with tears in his eyes. What did I do to him? I continued on through the tower.

    What the hell!? She sent her Gastly after me. I told Pikachu to use Thundershock and I sprinted out of there afterward.

    After beating some trainers on Route 8, I proceeded to walk into some grass and encounter a...

    A wild Pidgeotto?! I tried to weaken it but it used Whirlwind to escape <_<

    I then arrived to Route 7 and encountered a...

    I caught it and named it Tres (Tres = 3 in Spanish. I named it Tres because the 3rd time is the charm, right?)

    I finally arrived in Celadon city where I saw a guy talking about there is a hidden switch behind the poster in Celadon. I thought he was crazy so I just went ahead and entered the Celadon city's gym.

    After defeating her with Char, I got the badge ^_^

    Goal completed: Defeat Erika

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.


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