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New Sync Pairs Coming To Pokémon Masters

Several new updates announced for Pokémon Masters this summer!

If you missed the Pokémon Presents yesterday check it out now. There was lots of great Pokémon news including what’s coming for Pokémon Masters EX. We were told news of new Sync Pairs and a new event. Some of which start today. There are several parts to this update so let’s waste no time diving into them.

New Sync Pairs and a New Roles

Nemona will join the game with her partner, Pawmot. They are available now until August 27th 2023. In a twist however, this pair will be the first to have the Sprint Role. Sync Pairs with the new Sprint Role excel at moving quickly in battle. Once raised to 6. EX, they can reduce their Sync Move countdown by three after using their Sync Move for the first time each battle.

Looking to find good team mates for Nemona and Pawmot? Here is what The Pokémon Company suggests:

Sonia & Yamper
Nemona & Pawmot are about as self-sufficient as sync pairs get, but they can still raise their damage with the help of Sonia & Yamper. Sonia & Yamper have the passive skill Defense Crush 9, which lowers the Defense of their target by one stat rank each time they successfully land a move—this perfectly synergizes with Nemona & Pawmot’s physical damage. Together, these two sync pairs can galvanize just about any strike sync pair with excellent move gauge support. Nemona & Pawmot’s naturally high Speed and Sonia & Yamper’s Catalyzing Recovery keep the move gauge filling for even the most expensive strike sync pair moves. Sonia & Yamper are available to scout from the general pool of 5★ sync pairs, as well as from the 5★-Guaranteed Ticket Scout and 5★-Guaranteed Galar Ticket Scout.

N & Zekrom are one of the strongest Electric-type strike sync pairs in Pokémon Masters EX, but it can take a while to get their Attack stat up. N & Zekrom’s Trainer move, X Attack, raises their Attack by two stat ranks but is a bit sluggish compared to most strike sync pairs. Nemona & Pawmot help jumpstart N & Zekrom with their Trainer move, Let’s Battle All Out! This Trainer move not only raises N & Zekrom’s Attack stat by two stat ranks, but also raises their Speed stat, making it easier to consistently fire off their four-gauge-cost Bolt Strike. Nemona & Pawmot’s high Speed stat—as well as all the bonus speed from having the Electric Sprint theme skill—also alleviates Bolt Strike’s hefty move gauge cost. N & Zekrom are not currently available to scout.

Beginning August 9th, 2023, and running to August 28th you can Battle Nemona daily in a special Rally event to earn Gems. The more you battle them, the more Gems you can earn. Combined with daily log-in bonuses you can earn over 3000 gems.

Another Sync Pair joins the party too. Victor and Spectrier will be available on August 16th. Complete the special event to add them to your roster. This new pair will have the Field role. From what I can tell, this will allow Victor to set the Ghost zone, before the Sync Move goes off and allows the zone to continue for longer. Sounds like this will not only make your Sync Move stronger, but also your next few Ghost-Type attacks.

In addition to all that, sign-in today to earn a bonus 3000 gems. Are you looking forward to any of these Sync Pairs? Is there someone you are hoping makes it into the game. Let us know and good luck on your pulls.

See you around, Genesect!

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