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Enter UltraPrism! Next TCG Set Release!

Ultra Prism
Time to warp to a brand new level of Pokemon TCG!

Ultra Prism has officially been announced to be the next Pokemon TCG set coming to America! This set is going to have over 150 cards which will make it one of the biggest sets in the Pokemon TCG.

The cards from Ultra Prism will be based on an alternate version of Sinnoh. This is to reflect the theme from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon video games where players can travel through wormholes to meet unique Pokemon and areas. So get ready to see twisted versions of some of your favorite Sinnoh Pokemon such as Dialga, Palkia and more!

Ultra Prism will also introduce the Prism Star mechanic. This mechanic allows the players to play powerful Pokemon and Trainer cards that can twist the battle. These powerful cards can have powerful effects such as massive energy energy acceleration or disruption. That is why players are only allow to play one Prism Star card with a given name in their deck. Usually players are able to play with four copies of a certain card. Once a Prism Star card enters the discard then that card is sent to the Lost Zone. This is a special area where once cards are place there then they are removed from the game for the rest of the match.

Below are the details for Ultra Prism.

The Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism expansion will feature:

  • Over 150 cards, including:
    • 6 Prism Star cards
    • 5 Ultra Beasts
    • 18 full-art cards
  • Booster packs will consist of:
    • 10 cards selected from the expansion, including at least 1 card of rare or higher rarity, plus an additional basic Energy card.

Ultra Prism will be release on February 2, 2018. Prereleases for the set will be held the last two weekends of January.

Below are some images from Ultra Prism. Get ready to enter a brand new dimension of battling!

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