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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Mega Aggron Deck

M Aggron EX
It is cold outside so how about we stay indoors and watch a Pokemon TCG battle. This time we are breaking the ice by featuring a battle using M Aggron EX by Pooka from The Top Cut.

This time Pooka uses M Aggron EX who is one of the few Pokemon that can knock out any Pokemon with a single attack. Megaton Slam can do a massive 240 damage if you flip heads after you choose to opt for the coin flip. That knocks out any Pokemon minus a few exceptions. The coin flip is a risk but Pooka is using Victini with the Victory Star ability to get seconds chances on the coin flip effects. Then to help speed up the attacking process, there are a few Bronzong with Metal Links to power up M Aggron EX to get attacking.

This may be a slow deck but it can really take some knock outs once M Aggron EX is ready to attack. With it’s high HP and heavy hitting power, M Aggron EX can be difficult to knock out as you will see in this battle that Pooka had.

Click below to watch!

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