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Thread: {wandering alone}

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    {wandering alone}

    "Not all those who wander are lost."

    Skype: diamond_1304
    Discord: Weiss Schnee
    Money: $10,000
    Contest Credits: 5000

    Rare Candy x5

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    Lumiere (M) | Quiet
    ABILITY: Flash Fire | Flame Body
    LEVEL-UP MOVES: Astonish, Confuse Ray, Curse, Ember, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Hex, Imprison, Inferno, Memento, Minimize, Night Shade, Overheat, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Smog, Will-O-Wisp
    EXP: 1/5

    Voltaire (M) | Impish
    ABILITY: Compound Eyes | Unnerve
    LEVEL-UP MOVES: Agility, Bug Bite, Bug Buzz, Discharge, Electro Ball, Electroweb, Fury Cutter, Gastro Acid, Leech Life, Screech, Signal Beam, Slash, Spider Web, String Shot, Sucker Punch, Thunder Wave
    TM: Thunder
    EXP: 2/5
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