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Grandfather Uses Eleven Smartphones for Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Bike
Can you play Pokemon GO with eleven smartphones?

My guess is that you can’t but this grandpa found a way!

Chen San-yuan is a 70 year old grandfather from New Taipei City, Taiwan. He is a huge fan of Pokemon GO and you can tell by the way he plays. This grandfather has devise a way to play Pokemon GO with eleven smartphones mounted to his bicycle.

As you can see in the pictures above, Chen has nine smartphones attached to his bicycle handlebar. He then holds two smartphones in his hand. All of his cellphones are powered by portable batteries that he holds in two bags. With this set up, Chen is ready to catch them all!

Chen loves Pokemon GO so much that people have started to call him Uncle Pokemon. He goes out and play the game on his bike and catches Pokemon all day long. Sometimes he is out as late as 4am. This man has some dedication to the game. It cost Chen £1,165 per month which is around $38 US dollars. Though, he says that it is worth it because the games helps him fight off Alzheimer’s disease. That doesn’t sounds like a bad thing if it also allows Chen makes plenty of friends though the game.

The grandfather says that he wants to increase his set up to hold fifteen phones. That would mean he needs to find a way to hold two more phones on his handlebar. Either way, Chen is having a great time playing Pokemon GO. Who would have guessed that when his grandson taught him how to play Pokemon GO in 2016 would lead to this.

Source: Metro

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