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Do Players Nickname Their Pokemon?

Nicknames on Pokemon? It is less likely then you think!

Pokemon nicknames has been a feature in Pokemon games since Generation 1. It is a feature that helps add a personal touch to the friends who will be joining you on your journey. They make the Pokemon seem more like friends and add an extra layer of hurt when one becomes a victim in a Nuzlock challenge. Though, do every Pokemon trainer nickname their Pokemon?

Tristan Cooper, the managing editor at Kotaku, wanted to know this answer. So he made a poll on Twitter to ask his followers. Below are the results of his poll.

It was a close race but by 55%, it looks as if most Pokemon players do not nickname their Pokemon. Granted, 55% isn’t a huge percentage but it does show that most of the Pokemon fanbase is split on deciding if they want to nickname their Pokemon.

Personally, I do enjoy nicknaming my Pokemon. Recently I have started to nickname my Pokemon based on a theme. Sometimes I use food and other times I will use superheroes. It is fun to see how some Pokemon fit the theme.

What are your thoughts on nicknaming Pokemon? Do you give them special names? Let us know!

Source: US Gamer

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