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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Darkrai/Solgaleo GX (300 Damage Time!!)

Solgaleo Darkrai
Time to hear Solgaleo roar as it bursts into another deck to provide some amazing power!

We have a match from Teak Fish Knuckles that involves a twist on Speed Darkrai EX using Solgaleo GX and Giratina EX! This deck involves setting up Solgaleo GX as fast as you can by using Rare Candy and Rainbow Energy. Once you have done that then you can use Sol Burst GX to explode the field with energy! Your target? Grab as many Double Dragon Energy to attach onto Giratina EX and set up a Darkrai EX to use in battle. You will need to make sure you have a Darkrai EX and Giratina EX on the field in order to do this correctly but if you do then you can attack during your next turn with Darkrai EX’s Dark Pulse for at least 170 damage. It is disgusting but so awesome to pull off during your third turn.

The main goal is to attack with Darkrai EX for over 200 damage as the game progresses by using Fighting Fury Belt and Reverse Valley though this deck does have some awesome secondary attackers. Giratina EX will mostly be used to hold Double Dragon Energy but if you want to shut down decks that use Double Colorless Energy then a well time Chaos Wheel could win you the game. Need to take your last prize and can’t hit hard enough with Darkrai EX? Solgaleo GX makes a great clean up attacker with Sunsteel Strike.

Personally, I have been using this deck for weeks and it is amazingly fun. You are hitting so hard and so fast that your opponent can’t keep up. There are a few weaknesses to the deck like item lock preventing you from using Rare Candy or energy removal from your opponent. Though if you play your cards right then you can win games once you use your Sol Burst GX. I would recommend replacing a Darkrai EX with Magearna EX. Your Pokemon can have a Steel energy attached to them thanks to Double Dragon Energy and Rainbow Energy which grants them protection with Magearna EX’s Mystic Heart Ability. This will make sure that effects like Umbreon GX’s Dark Call GX attack doesn’t set back your onslaught.

Want to see an amazing deck at work? Then watch Team Fish Knuckles use this deck to hit hard and fast! Make sure to try this deck out yourself!

Best of luck in your Guardians Rising pulls!

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