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25 Song Titles Vastly Improved By Pokémon from BuzzFeed

Pokemon Song Titles
On Tuesday of last week, the Pokemon‘s Twitter account decided to celebrate the upcoming Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions orchestra tour with a hashtag. Even the Nintendo of America‘s Twitter account was invited to join. Both accounts went back and forth using the #PokemonSongTitles hashtag to tweet up song titles that had a word replaced with a Pokemon name.

Eventually the rest of Twitter caught on and decided to tweet a few Pokemon song titles themselves. Click below to see some of the best ones.

#PokemonSongTitles I came in like a Pokeball, i just wanted to catch them all….

Flareon My Wayward Son #PokemonSongTitles

#PokemonSongTitles My miltank brings all the boys to the yard

#PokemonSongTitles Kakuna Matata

Girls Just Swanna Have Fun #PokemonSongTitles

Check out the rest of the list from BuzzFeed of their top 25 picks from the #PokemonSongTitles hashtag!

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