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2’s Company Giveaway and Q&A!

Straight from 2’s Company comes a giveaway!

If you seen our recent Podcast Central then you would have notice a brand new addition called 2’s Company. It is a tabletop podcast that features two different campaigns. One of them is Pokemon base campaign called Henry’s Story featuring Henry and his Marill in the Corrett Region. The other is called Shiloh’s Reborn that follows the adventures of Christopher.

Recently both stories have concluded their second story arc. Also, 2’s Company is celebrating six months on the podcast airwaves. Now they want to celebrate by having a Giveaway and Question & Answer!

Giveaway Details!

So what will 2’s Company be giving away? That is a spot on their podcast! Two lucky winners will be given the chance to be on 2’s Company podcast! This spot will also include a one shot in the Corrett Region and in the land of Shiloh.

If you want a chance to have a spot on the 2’s Company podcast then all you have to do is leave a review on your favorite podcast app of choice. You can then send that review to 2’s Company Podcast on Twitter. 2’s Company will gladly accept submissions via email. Simply send your review to 2scompanypod(at) or leave it in their Discord!

If you want to increase your chances to win the giveaway then all you will need to do is share 2’s Company with another friend. Then they will need to write a review. Submit that review in the methods above and that will earn you a second entry!

You will have until October 7th to submit your entries!


Got a burning question regarding Henry’s Story or Shiloh’s Reborn? Maybe you really want to know where the story will go next? Then you are in luck! 2’s Company will be hosting a Q&A Episode in the near future!

You can DM your questions to 2’s Company on Twitter. Questions can also be sent via email at 2scompanypod (at) or on their their Discord.

You will have until October 7th to send your emails.

There are plenty of ways to interact with 2’s Company Podcast! If you want to hear the full details of this Giveaway and Q&A then click here.

Make sure to do it all soon because Arc 3 will be starting on October 10th!

Ongoing Conversation