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3DS/2DS Friend Code and Safari Exchange!

Have you recently beaten X and/or Y and wondered what you did here? -From Gameranx

Have you recently beaten X and/or Y and wondered what you did here?
-From Gameranx

Well, look no further! Here in Pokemon Crossroads back in October 2013, we began a thread on our forums telling of such a place! After beating the game you encounter a new and interesting place called: Kiloude City. Here, you fight nostalgic characters, find a battling tower, and much more. However, starting in X and Y itself is the debut of something fresh and new to the Pokemon franchise — The Friend Safari. Here, with the help of your friends, you encounter vast and exciting creatures — some of which aren’t even found within the game itself normally!

You may be thinking: “What’s the catch?” Well, in order to fully access this wondrous place you need some friends — and what better way than here at Pokemon Crossroads?

Growing up during the first generation of the franchise’s series, it was hard to do anything without a cable — nonetheless actually finding someone who also had similar interests with the Pokemon games. However, this all changed when Pokemon Diamond and Peal were released. No longer were cables or wireless adaptors needed. It was a new era in the Pokemon series and many fans were skyrocketing at the incredible news. Friend A could be in Japan while Friend B could be in America, and yet, trading couldn’t be any simpler.

Everyone may be wondering: “What does this have to do with the Friend Safari?” Well, that brief history lesson was to remind you that you’re not alone in the Pokemon world! Getting back onto topic, in order to fully access the Friend Safari and all of it’s awesome features you will need to share friend codes with other people. It’s not as simple as it may sound either. With the addition of Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo and Gamefreak decided to remove the pal-pad completely replacing it with the more convenient PSS – Player Search System. Not only was this a great move on their part, it is a pretty convenient tool for every trainer/breeder/etc.

Remember when I talked about making friends at Pokemon Crossroads? Well, by visiting our forums, we started a thread to share and distribute Friend Codes at ease! Not only will you gain codes from people all over the Poke-World, you’ll also be able to see what Pokemon they have in their Friend Safari!

The only catch? In order to gain full access to the Friend Safari both codes must be shared mutually. However, that isn’t a problem in our friendly, community forums! Not only will you be able to add your name and code to our roster, you’ll be able to view plenty of unobtainable Pokemon as soon as our other members add you to their respective rosters! The fun keeps on coming as the Pokemon found in the Friend Safari are revealed to be different than some you may have encountered in previous generations or in-game!

You may be wondering: “What’s the difference between these Pokemon and the ones I’ve seen before?” Well, with the soon-to-be removal of the Pokemon Dream World, Pokemon have leaked through and found refuge at everyone’s Friend Safari’s! That means you have a possible chance of finding Pokemon with Hidden Abilities! These Hidden Abilities are only found within the Friend Safari’s and are found nowhere else! An example is Charmander! Normally, Charmanders (like all fire-type starters) have the simple ability of Blaze — which raises fire’s power 1.5 times when HP falls below 1/3rd of it’s maximum HP. However, if a friend has the fire-type Friend Safari and one of their Pokemon is Charmeleon, you have a chance of finding a Charmeleon with his Hidden Ability Solar Power — which raises the Pokemon’s Special Attack power by 1.5 times during sunshine, however, with the hindrance of HP decreasing every round as the sunshine beams.

Tip: I recommend going to the Friend Safari’s with a Pokemon that has the ability Trace — such as Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, and Mega Alakazam. Trace allows your Pokemon to copy your opponent’s ability, which, is very useful for tracking down Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities. 

The only downfall to the Friend Safari are the randomized typings that each player gains. Randomly chosen by the friend code located on your 3DS/2DS, Pokemon X and Y assign you (even before buying the game) with a specialized typing for the Friend Safari. What does that mean? It means that when your friend decides to venture into the safari they are presented with options. These options have names from friends located on your friend code roster and a type. Unfortunately, as said above, the type is pre-determined between all known eighteen types. Not only that, but, within each Friend Safari there are only three Pokemon that can be found. Two of which are found before your friend completes his/her game and the final one is unlocked when the friend defeats the Elite 4. The only other downfall, however, is that the only way to find the special Hidden Ability Pokemon is for the friend to complete the Elite 4.

Besides those faults, the Friend Safari is a wondrous place to find and catch new Pokemon!

If you’d like to join in on the fun and get your hands on more Pokemon join us below in our:

3DS Friend Code Exchange

For more tips and tricks on the Friend Safari and other interesting features on Pokemon X and Y be sure to stay tuned for more — or by visiting Pokemon Crossroad’s very own forum located near the top by “Home”!


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