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Former 4Kids CEO Claim Credit for Pokemon Name

The days of Pokemon and 4Kids are long past but it seems like the old dubbing company has found a way to make news once again.

4Kids was once the company in charge of adapting anime into English for several properties and Pokemon was one of them. Though they did made many questionable dubbing choices during their time with the Pokemon anime such as replacing riceballs with donuts, painting over text that means nothing and rewriting movie scripts. This was the norm for the Pokemon anime until 2006 when Nintendo took over the production rights for the Pokemon anime.

Pokemon really did put 4Kids on the map when it came to dubbing. Though the company declared bankruptcy. This happen not too long after Pokemon left the hands of 4Kids. Though now former 4Kids CEO Al Kahn is trying to take another claim to Pokemon fame by stating that he came up with the name “Pokemon”. Below is what Kahn said during an interview:

“I didn’t like the name ‘Pocket Monsters”. I wanted the name to be more Japanese-y.”

Kahn said he decided on the Pokémon name, because he wanted a name that helped differentiate the brand from other monster-related games.

Pokemon was known as “Pocket Monsters” in Japan. Though when it was being planned for release in the west and worldwide, it was decided to shorten the name. This was done for a few reasons according to Bulbapedia. One of the main reasons why “Pokemon” was used involved trademark. The term “Pocket Monster” clashed with the “Monster in My Pocket” franchise.

Though it seems like Pokemon was being shorten in Japan when it was still in development. The term “Pockemon” could be seen as early as episode 25, “Primeape Goes Bananas”.

Funny how Kahn claim he wanted the name to sound more “Japanese-y” when his company spent the majority of their time adapting the anime to remove all traces of Japanese orgins.

What do you think? Did Kahn really came up with the name “Pokemon”? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Prime

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