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Adventures Await! Pokémon GO Adventure Week 2017!

Grab your explorer’s hat and head out on a journey! It’s time for Adventure Week!

It’s been almost a year since Pokémon GO released and according to the official Pokémon GO website, players have already walked 15.8 billion kilometers. How far away is that? That’s more the the distance between the Sun and Pluto! So, to celebrate, starting May 18 and lasting until May 25, Pokémon GO is hosting an event called Adventure Week. During this week, all Pokémon GO players will receive an explorer’s hat to put on their avatar, 50% off pokéballs in the store, and receive buddy pokemon candies four times as frequently. In addition, rock type pokemon including kabutops, omastar, and aerodactyl will appear more frequently and to help you catch all those rock pokemon, pokéstops will drop more items.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your explorer’s hat, prep those ultra balls, and head out on an adventure!

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