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Advertisement in Japan Celebrates Ash’s Journey

Anime advertisment
If you are in Japan right now then you will want to see this!

Or just keep reading this article. That way you can see what is in Japan in case you haven’t already.

Ash & Pikachu’s journey in the anime is coming to a close in less then two weeks. It is pretty sad though all great things must come to an end. Even Ash & Pikachu’s story.

With that said, currently there is a video advertisement running in JR Shinjuku Station. This advertisement is showing off various clips from Ash & Pikachu’s journey. From episode one to his recent win over Leon. From this advertisement you get to see every Japanese anime opening, ending, every catch, every evolution and every final League battle. All to the tune of the Japanese first and iconic opening, “Mezase Pokémon Master” (Aim to Be a Pokemon Master).

Pokemon fans young and old can find one moment that they remember and loved in this huge love letter to Ash & Pikachu.

If you haven’t seen it then we highly recommend you see it right now. If you have, then we are offering you video of this advertisement from different angles via Twitter.

One more thing. Keep an eye on the bottom of all the screens. In particularly to the bottom right hand side. You may see the silhouette of Ash & Pikachu as they run towards the final episode.

Please enjoy.

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