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Catch Up on Paldean Winds!

Paldean Winds
Bored at home after Thanksgiving?

Then how about you watch some anime? Such as Paldean Winds! Currently there are three episodes out for Pokemon: Paldean Winds. If you are not busy doing Black Friday shopping today then go ahead and catch up on Pokemon: Paldean Winds.

Episode 1

Description: Just before the arrival of a certain transfer student, three students at an academy in Paldea are tasked with making a video showcasing their school.

The reserved Ohara is a skilled flutist, but she’s feeling under pressure due to an upcoming concert. In addition, she’s doing her best to help with the video, but it just isn’t going right.

Fed up with it all, she runs away to Glaseado Mountain, under the pretext of doing the academy’s Treasure Hunt activity.

Episode 2: Breath In

Description: Despite Aliquis and Meowscarada winning battle after battle, there’s one Trainer they can’t seem to beat: Nemona. After consulting his older brother, Aliquis is advised to stop using a Pokémon after it loses a match.

What will he do? Can Aliquis and Meowscarada find the strength within themselves to take on Nemona? Find out in Episode 2 of Pokémon: Paldean Winds!

Episode 3: Take a Breath

Description: With Ohara and Aliquis working hard on their assignment, Hohma is left wondering how he can catch up to them when he comes up with a great idea: creating a piece on the infamous Team Star!

Together with Quaxly, Hohma decides to get the inside scoop and infiltrate one of the group’s bases.

Enjoy your mini Pokemon anime marathon!

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