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Championship Points and More for 2020!

Championship Points
The road for Worlds 2020 is a long one but starts with one step.

Pokemon has announced more details regarding the 2019-2020 Championship series. This includes points requirements for Worlds 2020, Best Finish Limits and International Championship dates and locations.

Championship Points Requirement

Those who wish to attends Worlds 2020 will need to earn enough Championship Points to get their invite. This means winning a lot at tournaments, Regionals and Internationals.

Below are the points requirements for each region and age division for TCG.

TCG Rating ZoneJuniorSeniorMasters
US and Canada350400500
Latin America250250250
South Africa150150250

The Championship Points requirement mostly stays the same for all regions and divisions except for one. That would be US/Canada Masters which went down from 550 to 500. This is most likely due to the steep requirement for the previous season.

Below is the points requirement for VGC.

VGC Rating ZoneJuniorSeniorMasters
US and Canada200250400
Latin America200250400
South Africa100150200

Best Finish Limit

There has also been changes to Best Finish Limits for TCG and VGC. The biggest change to Best Finish Limits is that they will now be yearly instead of quarterly. Below are the Best Finish Limits.

Regionals and Special Events Best Finish Limit: 6
VGC Midseason Showdowns Best Finish Limit (VGC): 6
Premier Challenges Best Finish Limit (VGC): 6
League Cups Best Finish Limit (TCG): 8
League Challenges Best Finish Limit (TCG): 8

It is worth nothing that the Best Finish Limit for Regionals/Special Events had drop down from 8 to 6. This is most likely due to less points are required to gain an invite in TCG for Worlds.

There is no clear reason why Pokemon has gone from quarterly to yearly Best Finish Limits. This could be to make things easier for players. After all, it may be better for players to keep track of one number then four different numbers. Just know that if you get 10 first place finishing at League Challenges that only eight of them will count towards getting your invite.

Another reason for a yearly Best Finish Limit could be due to some of 2018-2019 Quarter 4 League Cups bled into the 2019-2020 season. Though, there is no confirm indication for this.

International Dates and Locations

If you are chasing points at International Championships then you can start making travel plans! That is because Pokemon has annouced the dates and locations for each International event.

Please note that not all Internationals have had their location reveal. This information will be release at a later date.

Latin America International ChampionshipsPRO MAGNO Centro de Eventos, São Paulo, BrazilNovember 15–17, 2019
Oceania International ChampionshipsMelbourne, AustraliaFebruary 21–23, 2020
Europe International ChampionshipsBerlin, GermanyApril 17–19, 2020
North America International ChampionshipsUSAJune 26–28, 2020


The 2019-2020 season has started! And players got all the information they need to chase after their invite. Best of luck and happy battling!

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