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Championship Points for 2023 and International Dates!

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We now know the points needed for an invite for the Pokemon World Championships 2023!

Time to start the grind because now you have a goal! If you want to get an invite to head to Yokohama, Japan for the Pokemon World Championships 2023! Then you need to get some Championship Points.

And today Pokemon has release the details such as number of Championship Points, some details regarding the World Championships in Yokohama and upcoming Internationals.

Championship Points for 2023

Each region taking parting in the Pokemon World Championships have their own set of Championship Points required to earn an invite.

Below is the table for Championship Points required for each region for TCG players.

TCG Championship Points Qualifications

Rating ZoneJuniorSeniorMasters
US and Canada350400500
Latin America250250250
Middle East & South Africa150150250

Championship Points requirement are subject to change.

VGC Championship Points Qualifications
The Championship Points requirements for VGC will be release at a later date in 2022. Events to earn Championship Points in VGC will be using Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is expected that CP earning events for VGC will return in January 2023.

Qualifying for Worlds in Pokemon GO and Unite

The qualifications for an invite for Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite are different. Below are the details to earn an invite for the Pokemon GO and Pokemon Unite World Championships.

Pokemon GO World Championship Qualifications
For Pokemon GO players to earn a Worlds Invite, they need to come in Top 2 in a Regional event. Meanwhile, they need to earn a Top 4 placing in an International event.

Pokemon Unite World Championship Qualifications
The qualifications for a World Invite for Pokemon Unite will be announced at a later date.

Day 2 Invitations

Those who do especially well in the TCG will be able to earn a Day 2 Invitation. That means they get to skip the first day of playing and play starting on the second day of Worlds. This special type of invitation along with Travel Awards are given to top players of each region.

Below are the qualification for a Day 2 Invite for TCG.

  • The Top 16 players from the US and Canada rating zone
  • The Top 22 players from the Europe rating zone
  • The Top 12 players from the Latin America rating zone
  • The Top 4 players from the Oceania rating zone
  • The Top 2 players from the Middle East & South Africa rating zone

Interesting things to note:

  • Japan, South Korea and Asia-Pacific will be awarded invites as determine by each region’s organized play system.
  • Players in Russia are not eligible for Day Two Invitations.
  • Players in South Africa are not eligble for Travel Awards.

Details for Worlds 2023

Worlds 2022 was made into a four day event. Though, Pokemon has revealed that Worlds 2023 in Yokohama, Japan will return to be a three day event.

Latin America International Championship Details

The details for the Latin America International Championships has been revealed. The event will take place from November 25th to 27th. It will take place in Sao Paulo at the Expo Center Norte.

Championship Points for 2023
LAIC Date and Location

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