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Charity VGC Tournament for Charity!

Ready to battle and raise money for kids?

Then you are in luck! The PokeCasters Network and Extra Life Pittsburgh are hosting a VGC Charity Tournament on Pokemon Showdown. They will also be pairing up with Trainer Tower and Mt Silver to bring you amazing battles while raising money! There will be a stream and tournament for everybody to enjoy.


The fun starts Saturday afternoon with a stream filled with different Pokemon personalities. These personalities will be doing challenges to help raise money for PokeCasters charity. Meanwhile, several different raffles will be held for a chance to win plenty of great prizes! Some of these prizes include custom made plushies of the new Pokemon from the Galar region!


The battles will start at 6pm as the Ultra Moon Tournament kicks off! This tournament will be held on Pokemon Showdown and will be using the Ultra Series VGC rules. You can check out the rules for the tournament by clicking here.

This tournament is being held by Trainer Tower and Mt Silver. It will cost $7 dollars to enter the tournament and all proceeds will go to Extra Life Pittsburgh. Winners of the tournament will win various prizes.

If you wish to donate to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital Foundation & Children’s Miracle Network and purchase a ticket for the raffle then make sure to click here. You can also click on the link to find out more information about this great cause.

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