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Check out the trailer for Pokémon the Movie Coco!

A first look trailer has aired for the new Pokémon movie!

A trailer for the next movie aired on Japanese variety show, Oha Suta, earlier last week. The trailer showcases a forest with a person dressed in rags going in it, swinging from tree to tree. It briefly cuts to Ash who seems to be stunned at the appearance of this stranger. The trailer then cuts to a shrine and ends with a baby giggling. This movie is set to be called, Pokémon the Movie Coco.

While there is very little to go off of in terms of what this movie could be, there are a few theories. The first theory is that this is a remake of the Celebi movie, with the baby and strange people swinging through the forest being one in the same, brought there by Celebi for some reason. The presence of a shrine in a forest also seems to back this up, though the shrine appears more elaborate than those associated with Celebi in the past. The second theory is that the name “Coco” is a reference to Tapu Koko. Since the strange person seems to be wearing war paint, it’s possible that they are a warrior for Tapu Koko.

Want to formulate your own theory? Check out the trailer below.

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