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Chesnaught! One More Weekend in Raids!

Chesnaught! Back for one more weekend!

Did you have a hard time taking down Chesnaught in raids last weekend? Maybe you want to get more rewards? Then you are in luck! Chesnaught is back for one more 7 Star Raid Weekend! This weekend from May 19th through May 21st.

Chesnaught the Mighty Details

This Chesnaught will have the Rock Tera Type. It can be found in Seven Star Raids and will be at Level 100. When captured, Chesnaught will have the Mightiest Mark.

If you decide to take on Chesnaught then you can expect it to start the raid using Iron Defense. It will then use one of the following attacks. Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Wood Hammer, Bulk Up and Curse.

Expect Chesnaught to reset your stats often. At least twice. It will also start to use both Bulk Up and Curse midway during the Raid. Expect it to hit really hard afterwards.

Remember, you can only catch one Chesnaught from the event. Though, you can battle it as many times as you want for some amazing raid rewards!

Decidueye the Mighty Advice

Need some advice on taking on Decidueye? Well, I can tell you from my personal experience that your best counters will be Lurantis and Appletun.

If you plan to use Lurantis then you will want to make sure your Lurantis has the Contrary ability. You will be pairing up this ability with Leaf Storm. That way you will receive a boost to your Special Attack for every time you use Leaf Storm. Just make sure you pay attention to when Chesnaught resets status and negate abilities. When that happens then go ahead and use Synthesis or Sunny Day pending on your health. A Sunny Day during this turn can allow you to use one-turn Solar Beam once you run out of Leaf Storm. Give your Lurantis a Shell Bell to heal up after every attack. That way you can survive some of Chesnaught’s attacks.

If you have an Appletun then that may be your best bet. Appletun has plenty of options to survive attacks from Chesnaught such as Reflect and Iron Defense. You can even use Giga Drain to regain health. Attach a Leftovers to gain even more HP between turns. Though, Appletun’s real key play is Apple Acid. This attack will lower Chesnaught’s Special Defense when hit. Those Special Defense drops will stuck up after awhile and will make your other Special Attacking moves hit harder. This could be key to victory against Chesnaught if you stack the Apple Acid’s Special Defense drops right.

With that said, best of luck in raiding Chesnaught this weekend!

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