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VIDEO: The Sadness of Scarlet & Violet

sadness of scarlet and violet
And boy! There is a lot of sad things in these games.

Granted. I am talking all about the stories that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have to tell. We all know about the sad story involving Arven. That one is obvious. Still, did you overlook the depressing stories of Penny and Nemona?

Yes. I am suggesting that Nemona has a sad story behind her cheery and battle happy face.

Though, I will let Charusharu tell you all about that. Especially today when we will be doing a double feature video spotlight!

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Are Darker Than You Thought

Welcome to Starfall Street where we follow the sad story of Team Star. Charusharu gives you the basic rundown of what happens to Team Star and it’s bosses. Including all the sad details of what led Team Star to the point where we meet them in the games.

Charusharu even shares some great little bits of information that you didn’t know. Especially with what the name Cassiopeia has to do with the names of each squad within Team Star. It is actually really clever and worth knowing. Though, you will surely be shocked how the simple act to defend oneself has led many down the path of despair.

Pokémon Scarlet’s TRAGIC Secret

Now onward to Victory Road with Nemona. Coming along with us is Nemona’s hidden struggle.

Yes. Nemona’s hidden struggle. One so hidden that you really need to be paying attention to the background if you want to find out the true sadness that Nemona hides within.

It is crazy that we spend so much time with Nemona but we get so little information about her. Though, the biggest nugget about her history comes from a background conversation that you may have missed or only got a part of. That is only if you pay attention. Especially with how Nemona reacts to said conversation.

So, instead of listening to me. How about you listen to what Charusharu has to say about Nemona’s hidden trauma.

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