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Comic Con 2013!


Homura here. So last month I went to Comic Con 2013. What happened during my travels? Beats me! I hope you guys have good internet!

Homura Kyouya Cat

I was on the hunt for pokémon cosplayers this year at Comic Con. Donning my official uniform of awesome, I traveled to New York, hoping to search for cosplaying power!

20131010_123847 20131010_123838 20131010_123832 20131010_12380520131012_100143

Just to show you what the Jarvitz Center looks like, I perched on the trees and found you guys what it looks like to be on the show floors. It’s not like I was doing this to let you know the size of the event or anything! The line ups weren’t big at all!

20131012_122457 20131012_124116 20131012_125046 20131010_180746 20131011_133942 20131012_202309

Eeveelutions are always popular in these kinds of events, and this year there is no difference. Above are a bunch of jolteon, vaporeon, flareon, and umbreon that I happened to have caught during my travels. So cool! I want an eeveelution!


I managed to get caught up with Harrision Kendall and Patrick Sullivan at Shimapan Cosplay. Military Ash and Military Nurse Joy? But why?

20131011_171304 20131012_170429

Ohhhh, that’s why.

20131012_132526 20131011_153439 20131011_114240 20131010_191520 20131013_173835 20131013_173346

Many other trainers joined our cause to keep the convention hall safe from the evils of Team Rocket and Team Magma, You go guys!


This Entei looks cute. I got nothing. Ha!

20131011_225131 20131011_234038 20131011_234049 20131011_234119 20131011_234123 20131011_234146 20131011_234230

So Nintendo always holds an event outside Comic Con when celebrating releases. This year there is no difference. Here are some pictures of what was going on! Too bad I was at the back with the show and all the dancing! Shout outs to the engagement that happened during this time! Congratulations!

20131011_224012 20131011_222150

Of course, even here we find cosplayers, right? Blaine and I fought a tough battle, but with the badge you see there, you know who won, don’t you? Mr. Gallade also came by to check out our battle!

20131012_172120 20131012_172059

What’s a convention without panels right? The Nintendo panel was made up of the Long Island Street Pass guys amongst other groups. Again, congratulations on the engagement!

20131012_193442 20131012_195006 20131012_195002

Last but not least, our very own JWittz is here for the King of Nerds panel! As he was being whisked off by security after the panel, he still found time to sign as many autographs as he could. Check out his new Pokemon Y video series here!

So what happened to me? Well…


Oh well, looks like I’m just a figment of this world or something. Don’t look me in the eye though.

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