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Contrary Serperior Now Available in US and Europe

Contray Serperior
Reports are coming in that US and European Pokemon players can now download Serperior with the Contrary ability. Contrary is Serperior’s hidden ability that was unavailable prior to the Japanese event that started on January 9th.

If a Pokemon with this ability receives any changes to it status then it will have the opposite effect. That means if Serperior uses Leaf Storm then instead of receiving a drop to it’s special attack, it will instead receive an increase thanks to Contrary. Many competitive players are expecting to see a raise in usage for Serperior thanks to this ability.

If you wish to download this Serperior with the ability Contrary then you will need to go into Mystery Gift. Once there you will use the code “POKEMON497″ to download your Pokemon. This Serperior will be at level 50 and knows the moves: Leaf Storm, Hold Back, Wring Out, and Giga Drain.

As of right now, there is no official announcement of this even for US or Europe.

Source: Pokebeach

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