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Crossroads Comics #165 – New Comics and Askblogs

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Normally this would be the part where I give some sort of feature spotlight to whatever comic or ask blog of the week, detailing everything I like about them and why you should read them. Unfortunately, this week, time got away from me and I wasn’t able to finish reading the comic I had been hoping to spotlight for this week. So instead, we’ll be doing something a little different! This week, I’ll be listing out a few comics and ask blogs here at the top that are just getting started. These are stories that are either just getting their first pages out or aren’t far enough along yet that I feel like I can spotlight them just yet, but are still worth checking out and supporting. I’ll give a short explanation of each one as well as link to where you can read it should it interest you.


First up is Sona-Locke by SnowStudios (they/them). Follow the journey of four friends as they venture through Unova in this Pokémon Black nuzlocke challenge. N, Cheren, Bianca and Archie will be faced with my friends and foes as they uncover the true story of the two dragon Pokémon told in legends. This comic updates every Sunday on Deviantart and the Nuzlocke forums. Despite only having two pages out so far, it’s already made a strong impression on me with its interesting takes on various Pokémon designs. Definitely looking forward to seeing where this comic goes and giving it a proper review in the future, but in the meantime, I’ll just sit back and enjoy what’s out so far.

A Knight’s Gale

Next up we have A Knight’s Gale by FoxRod-Draws (they/them). A Pokémon Shield Wonderlocke, this comic follows Raiyah, a spunky young girl and daughter of Alola’s first Champion and co-founder of the Aether Paradise. After a brief encounter with a mysterious beast in the Slumbering Weald as a child that sent her mothers into overprotection mode, Raiyah is eager to get out and explore Galar alongside her best friend, Hop. However, it appears destiny might have more in store for her than any of them realize. With the help of new friends along the way, join Raiyah as she uncovers secrets about not just the Galar region, but herself as well. You can read this comic on Deviantart and the Nuzlocke forums, and if you like what you see, consider supporting it on Patreon as well. Personally, I think this comic looks really really good so far, with expressions and character designs that just really pop. I also really like the spin that FoxRod-Draws has put on the Galar lore and am eager to see more of that in the future. What I’m most eager to see though is the explanation for the Wonderlocke aspect of this story though, since I’m sure FoxRod-Draws had to get creative with explaining why certain non-Galar Pokémon popped up in the areas they did. All in all, this comic looks great so far both in terms of art and story, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

PMD Chanterelle

Next up we have PMD: Chanterelle by The Alolan PokeNerd and Mango Cat. This collaborative Pokémon Mystery Dungeon comic follows Thai the Polteageist and Elli the Appletun, two Pokémon that woke up in the woods one day with no memories aside from the fact that they were previously humans. After being taken in by the local guild, the two decide to form a team in an effort to figure out exactly who they are and what they’re doing there. Joined by other characters like Timber the Rillaboom and Ethan the Mawile, Thai and Elli are tasked with saving the world and must get ready to face foes that are, quite literally, larger than life. This comic updates every Tuesday and Thursday and can be found on ComicFury. As compared to some of the other comics that I’m highlighting today, PMD: Chanterelle is quite a bit longer, but this is one of those cases where it’s not quite far enough along yet that I feel comfortable giving it a feature article. It’s definitely off to a strong start though with a varied cast, cute designs, and interesting lore that makes for a worthwhile read. The plot has really started to pick up in the last few pages, with our first true villain having recently made their debut, so I have a feeling that things are really going to start picking up steam soon.

PMD: Paths To Requiem

Finally, to round out the mini-spotlights for this week, we have PMD: Paths to Requiem by PhilAndOkkoTheDynamicDuo. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ask blog/comic where the readers get to make decisions and direct the story as they see fit. The story follows a Riolu named Foxglove who has suddenly woken up lost and alone. Where do they go from here? That’s what you, as the reader, get to decide. Traverse dangerous quests, meet a variety of characters, and go on the journey of a lifetime as you help Foxglove find their way back home. You can read this story on both Tumblr and ComicFury, though I would recommend using the Tumblr version simply because it is a bit more easily readable there at the moment. Additionally, if you want to directly contribute to the choices and discussions surrounding Foxglove’s future, there is a Discord Server, where readers are able to submit and vote on Foxglove’s actions for the future. Despite only having a few updates out so far, this story already looks very interesting, and it’s not very often that you see CYOA themed comics anymore, so I wanted to give it a shout out because I know that PhilAndOkkoTheDynamicDuo has been working really hard on it as of late.

And without further ado, let’s check out the rest of this week’s comic lineup!

Crossroads Comics
Land-Shaymin Toy time!
PMD: Chanterelle Fight tutorials woo!
PMD: Explorers of Life Looks like this mission is about wrapped up.
Pokémon X Adventures Cyllage city here we come!
Renegade’s Redemption Well hey look who it is!
Shinka: The Last Eevee Gods’ bones huh? That’s not spooky in the slightest.
The Spaced Out Rangers Let’s hope she makes it.

ComicFury Comics
PMD: Beyond the Boundaries A sudden attack!
PMD: Gleaming Hearts Kiln looks so happy.
PMD: Hollowed Dreams Touch the tails.
Pokemon Runaway No? What do you mean, no??
The Marvellous Misadventures of Nuz Run! First badge success!
Timetale Again?? Oh this can’t be good.
Wandering Eevee Carriage Milk!!

Deviantart Comics
A Knight’s Gale I love this interpretation of Sobble so much!!
PMD: On Borrowed Time Expectations seem to ruin everything, don’t they?
Sona-Locke I love the Smeargle and Hitmonlee designs here so so much.
The Essence of Being Cookies are essential for all Mewtwo training sessions.
Undertow Yeah that could’ve gone better. But crime is more fun!
Wanted! – Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke Ah yes, a broad daylight kidnapping. Classic tourist attraction in Pyrite Town.
When Little Emma Ran Away POLICE! OPEN UP!

Off-site Comics
Ask Abaddon Now who might this be?
Ask Eevee & Co. Names can be misleading!
Ask Savel It appears they are being watched.
Ask the Isle Now that is what I call a rainbow!
Ask the Traveller A soft lullaby to end it all…
Daily Ashleigh Raichu Poor Joule…
TC-96 Glad to see the clones are doing well.

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