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Crossroads Comics #52-Patrat is where it’s at

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Today we’re taking a look at Jet’s Black Nuzlocke. This nuzlocke, despite not being very far along on Smackjeeves, is actually fairly old. It was originally based on Deviantart where it is currently much further along. The story follows the typical Pokemon Black storyline with Jet as our protagonist and their starter pokemon, Sir Francis the Tepig! The art style is very good, with great attention grabs and the writing has proved very interesting so far. The author even integrates N’s influence as part of the reason the nuzlocke challenge exists in the comic’s world. Overall, it’s a very good comic with two great options of either binging all the way through it on Deviantart or waiting for its updates on Smackjeeves as it slowly catches up to its mirror.

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life The battle begins!
Pokemon Rising Shadows Darkrai appears!

Smackjeeves Comics
Finding Your Roots Some interesting worldbuilding here.
Floating On That’s a valid question.
Ingress Adventuring Company Looks like they’ve got somewhat of a handle on this.
Jet’s Black Nuzlocke Firedog looks to be a really reliable teammate.
PMD: Tales of Elysium Leon does not seem to be taking this well.
PMD: Reignited You could cut this tension with a knife.
The Search for Henry Jekyll
Yet Another PMD Comic Who could that be?

Deviantart Comics
Aezae’s Tales Sure it was, buddy, sure it was.
After the Ashes This might be hard to explain.
Golden Shrike The adventure is about to begin.
Hope in Friends I feel like Neon has seen this before.
PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower Apologies are shared.
PMD: Guardians of the Universe This battle isn’t going very well.
Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke Finally we’ve met Mewtwo!
Wringlocke Looks like the gym battle is going better than anticipated.

Off-site Comics
Ask Duster the Minccino I wonder what this could lead us to.
Ava’s Demon What a beautiful dream we’ve stumbled upon.
Bling Bling That seems somewhat threatening.
Dumb RWBY Just leave the crazy lady be.
Let’s Play So Marshall seems to be struggling a bit.
Refund High School So this was Dantes’ plan all along?
Surviving the Idiots Looks like their fighting is reaching a resolution.
The Glass Scientists Well what do we have here?

Ongoing Conversation