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Crossroads Comics #56-Eye see what you did there

It’s Tuesday which means its time to see the April Fools Aftermath on Crossroads Comics!

Yesterday was April Fools Day, and instead of highlighting a particular comic this week, I wanted to praise one of the largest scale April Fools jokes the webcomics community has ever witnessed. I believe it started from comic creator, Shen, and was quickly picked up by many other artists. So, while it is impossible to list them all, to applaud this wide scale joke, these comics will be getting their own category for this edition of Crossroads Comics, The “Eyewitness” category! So be sure to enjoy this special edition with an extra dose of comics.

Crossroads Comics
PMD: Explorers of Life It worked! It actually worked!
Shinka: The Last Eevee He’s a determined boi!

Eyewitness Comics
4amshower Eye am okay with these style changes.
Behind the Gif Be sure to eye that last panel real closely.
Corgiyolk Eye am digging these cute new anime eyes.
Doodle for Food Eye can see why they fear the big boss.
Dustinteractive Eye see what you snuck in there.
Dystopian Comics He’s really giving him the stink eye.
Fulcara Eye believe this was an excellent solution to the soap problem.
Jimbletonn When eye stopped wearing glasses eye got comments like this too.
Lennoxlttk Eye guess you could say he’s really eyeing them.
Lil Char and the Gang Eye think this genre change might be controversial.
Litterbox Comics Eye would say that’s a rough statement.
Lullindo Eye believe everyone should fear for their leyeves.
Mesmir.ized Those eyes are hard to resist.
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Eye am glad it is only a 24 hour veyerus.
Nerd and Jock Eye can’t wait to see the comics in this new style.
Sanesparza You really get lost in her eyes.
Slaughterkeys Eye see that is a really difficult piece.
TheNiftyFox Eye do this every morning.
Theunderfold Eye’m glad this wasn’t a reality.

Smackjeeves Comics
Diamonds in the Rough A party? Cake? Yum!
Finding Your Roots Something about this style looks… different.
Kurukkoo! Hmm wonder where these lil fellas came from.
Mokepon This is getting intense!
On Borrowed Time Glad to see the gang back together!
Pi and Pea’s Nuzlocke Hmm something about this seems different from the ending I remember.
The Search for Henry Jekyll N-Nani????
The Stars Shine Bright I don’t think that was the right thing to say.
Yet Another PMD Comic Gatomon as the protagonist? A bold choice but I like where this is going.

Deviantart Comics
Cammy’s Silver Nuzlocke Such a shiny waste of time.
Genesis: A Gijinka Story AHH! THEY’RE IN BLACK AND WHITE!
It’s Just a Game All around me are familiar faces… can you spot the two easter eggs?
Liberty What a sweet little ending.
No Gods No Masters So that’s their true objective!
Penumbra Brooklet Hill has a lot more diverse encounters than I remember.
Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke I recognize that art style!
The Adventurous Adventures of the Adventure Club From the author of Finding Your Roots!
The Pokedex Project Uh-oh…
UndefiNed Hey you’re not from this universe!
Wringlocke PARTY TIME WOO!!

Off-site Comics
Adventures of God Hmmm something seems fishy here.
DAIMO That food looks delicious!
Don’t Hate I can already tell this is going to be an interesting comic.
Internet Explorer Even in a genderbender, Chrome’s hair is still very pretty.
Lore Olympus Well this couldn’t be any more awkward I suppose.
Lucky Travels We’re back with another cameo!
Matchmaker Hero But that’s a good thing, right?
SubZero Geez the poor prince has been through a lot.

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