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Crossroads Comics #64- Victorious Conclusions

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics

This week we’re taking a look at the nuzlocke comic, For Victory! Written by the author Carrotchipper, the story follows the new Pokémon Trainer Sasha as he travels through Unova. He is paired up with his starter Oshawott named Amanda and embarks on his journey while dealing with the fatal nuzlocke curse. It’s a bit of a silly nuzlocke at first but show true character develop throughout the whole story. Overall, despite its silliness, it’s a very touching short story that is easy to get into and enjoy until the end. With its most recent update being its conclusion, now is a great time to binge read the story.

Crossroads Comics
Pokémon Rising Shadows Story time story time!
PMD: Explorers of Life Bill Nye the science guy?

Smackjeeves Comics
Chiyeko Chronicles I love the Vaporeon with the knight’s helmet. Too cute.
Flame of Mystery Onward to Route 22!
For Victory! And so another nuzlocke comes to a close.
Little More than Waitstaff New chapter begin!
PMD: Call of Legends A little retconning never hurt anyone.
PMD: White Rose Not the pizza!
The Reincarnation Stone Holy Galar!
They Say He Shattered Across Time Come on guys, is fighting really necessary?

Deviantart Comics
Deus Ex Rodentia I buy it.
Genesis: A Gijinka Comic Is he gonna be able to get out of this?
Nuzlocke on Ice We have a name for this mysterious individual.
On Borrowed Time Oooh interesting dungeon worldbuilding.
Pokémon Yellow Nostalgialocke Looks like this nuzlocke is about to wrap up!
The Essence of Being Poor guy he’s trying but training is frustrating.
The Flames Tears Cannot Extinguish Phew, looks like it all worked out okay.
World of Distortion Eager beaver for battling I see.

Off-site Comics
Cataclysm you can sense the sarcasm from here.
Cat and Cat Comics Such a cheerful spirit!
High Class Homos Oh no… this isn’t good at all.
Koko-arts Too cute! I’m gonna die.
Mewtripled Long distance relationships can be really hard, but sometimes it’s worth it.
Strange Planet s u c r o s e
The Crooked Kind This is such a strange thing to argue over.
The Glass Scientists But would he break so easily?

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