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Crossroads Comics #96-PMD: Anamnesis

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re taking a look at PMD: Anamnesis. This comic is unique among most Pokémon Mystery Dungeon comics in that it is a collection of story stories that tell different stories inspired by different aspects of the franchise. These stories come from a variety of inspirations, including rmysterydungeon prompts, reader prompts, and even ancient Chinese literature. This is one of my favorite mystery dungeon comics since each story is unique, with some of the early stories exploring different parts of the franchise, such as joining a rescue team or when the player eventually disappears. More recent stories have been a bit more complex, exploring what happens when the hero dies or what a player’s purpose can be. They’re all very interesting to read, especially for those who like to see stories that push the boundaries on what a mystery dungeon story can be. The typically gray scale art style also really accentuates the stories, especially those with more morbid elements to them like the most recent story, Zaffre, or sadder stories like the first one, Stardust. It’s a recipe that lends itself to really interesting stories that explore emotions and topics you don’t usually see in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon comics.

And be sure to check out the rest of the comics in this week’s line up!

Crossroads Comics
Eldritchfell I don’t know if this is good idea.
Pokémon Rising Shadows Poor Talon looks pretty roughed up.
PMD: Crossroads Seems we’ve got a case of mistaken identity here.
PMD: Explorers of Life What could go wrong?
Pokémon: Team Buckshot These are some bad joojoos.
Shinka: The Last Eevee Chapter 4 begin!
Super Minion Bros Probably a bad time yes.

ComicFury Comics
ChimeranLegends Take care of those dust monsters quick!
Haphazard! Rapidash doesn’t seem pleased with this predicament.
PMD: Anamnesis Something about this doesn’t feel right.
PMD: The Adventures of Team Starlight Run run as fast as you can!
Pokémon: Spacial Rend Seems legit.
The Essence of Being Well that’s not good.
The Leaf Pile It’s time to celebrate!
The Legend of Incineroar It’s time to save Junior!!

Deviantart Comics
Finding Your Roots Wonder who Cedar sees!
Jet’s Black Nuzlocke Man what an exit.
Jutopa’s Blue Nuzlocke I wonder if we’ll get the full story in the future.
On Borrowed Time How will they move forward from here?
Pokémon Ray’s Adventure Nothing like getting battle tips by watching your old man’s matches!
PMD: Explorers of Shadows Well this could mean trouble.
PMD: Turncoats Mission start!
Pokémon: Shadow of the Sun And we’re off!

Off-site Comics
A Tale of Two Rulers Well glad they made that clear.
Cursed Princess Club So we’re finally getting to hear the backstory of the Pres’ curse. How exciting!
Exploration Team Ultra Quick to rest.
Floating On Now how does Siren know that?
Genesis: A Gijinka Comic That’s not the direction of the sleeping cave.
Lil Char and the Gang They found him! Hooray!
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend BETRAYAL!
PMD: Restoring the Balance Well that’s no good.

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