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Crossroads Comics Mini #3- ChimeranLegends

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

Due to the recent situation with Smackjeeves’ controversial update, many comic creators are moving off the platform to other sites such as ComicFury. Due to this and the fact that I have final exams this week (in fact this article is scheduled to publish while I’m actually taking a final), for the time being we’ll be doing Crossroads Comics Minis! This’ll give me time re-evalutate the situation and see if we need to make any changes to the column for the future.

While becoming acclimated with ComicFury and following all the comics that had transitioned to it, I stumbled across a cute comic called ChimeranLegends. This comic is by AK Illustrate and is one of several comics that AK has done over the years. The story follows Florent, a Kingdom Guard Trainee who wields powerful plant magic. After failing to pass the exam to join the guard, Florent meets Lori, a mysterious girl who claims to be one of the Kingdom Rangers. Together they travel across the various kingdoms in their homeland and bear witness to the various problems that each location has.

Right off the bat this comic struck me as very visually appealing. The style is cute, I love the character designs, and the various uses of color are just very pretty. But beyond that, the story is very interesting. Florent is struggling with self confidence which makes it very interesting to see their interactions with Lori who appears a lot more assured of herself. The first few pages also detail some very interesting worldbuilding that I hope is laying the groundwork to an even greater plot in the future.

The comic just reached the end of chapter 2 and is taking a short break until January 2 for the holidays so now is a great time to catch up! I highly recommend it.

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