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Eevee Day! 7 Star Raids and More!

Eevee Day!
Happy Eevee Day!

Did you know that Eevee Day is on November 21st! And it is a week long celebration! Well, get ready because Eevee Day is coming! And there are plenty of things for you to do!

7 Star Eevee Raids

Starting on November 16th to November 20th, there will be 7 Star Eevee Raids in Scarlet & Violet. This Eevee will have the Normal Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark.

Expect this to be a tough battle similar to the 7 Star Pikachu Raid Event. We may even see this Eevee have the Tera Shield up for the whole battle. You may want to be bring plenty of powerful Fighting type Pokemon. Though, you may find that this Eevee may have some counters to those Pokemon. So be prepare for anything!

You can only catch one Eevee from these 7 Star Tera event.

Eevee Mass Outbreaks

Eevee Outbreak
There will be plenty of Eevee Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You will be able to find these Mass Outbreaks in both Paldea and Kitakami. There will also be an chance to get certain Marks pending on the region you find these Mass Outbreaks.

Eevee found in Mass Outbreaks in Paldea will have the chance to have the following Marks: Jittery Mark, Intense Mark, Intellectual Mark, or Flustered Mark.

If you find an Eevee Mass Outbreak in Kitakami then these will have a chance to have the following Marks: Rowdy Mark, Excited Mark, Calmness Mark, or Unsure Mark.

Eevee Week in Pokemon Sleep!

Eevee Week
Ready to count some Eevee in your sleep? Then Pokemon Sleep got your back!

From November 20th to 26th, Eevee Week will be happening in Pokemon Sleep! There will see an increase spawns of Eevee and its evolutions. You will even receive an Eevee Incense as rewards!

Expect to see some special Eevee special bundles on sale in the store.

Lastly, perhaps you may even see a Shiny Eevee!

Scout Penny in Pokemon Masters!

If you are a fan of VeeVee like Penny then you will want the chance to scout Penny! The ultimate Eevee fangirl! Currently there is a story event called VeeVee on Pasio! This story event focus on Penny making friends in Pasio.

The Penny Scout Fair will also be running as well! You will have until November 30th to scout Penny in Pokemon Masters EX. Good luck on being a VeeVee Victor!

Have a fun Eevee Day!

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