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English August TCG Set Name Reveal!

Darkness Abalze
The world is going to be covered in darkness as infinity goes ablaze in the Pokemon TCG!

Especially because we now know the name for the English August TCG set, Darkness Ablaze! This set is to feature Eternatus and plenty of Darkness Pokemon.

Set Details

Darkness Ablaze will primarily feature the Japanese set Infinity Zone. Though, it will also includes the two other mini sets from Japan: Explosive Walker and Sword & Shield Starter Set Charizard VMAX/Grimmsnarl VMAX.

This set is said to feature Eternatus V and Eternatus VMAX. Both cards have not been reveal in Japan yet.

It is interesting to note that Darkness Ablaze is being release on August 14th. That is one week after what would normally be when sets are release in the United States. It is unsure if this will be the new normal or is a change being done due to COVID-19. Though, that means that the cards from Darkness Ablaze will be legal the following Friday on August 21st. That is if legality rules for new card stay the same.

The release date for Darkness Ablaze also falls on what would have been the same date of the Pokemon World Championships 2020. Once again, it is not sure if this was the plan or simply a coincidence.

Infinity Zone is currently set to release on June 5th in Japan. Darkness Ablaze will release worldwide on August 14th.

Source: PokeGuardian

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