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Ethan and Cyndaquil join Pokémon Masters

A new sync pair has been announced!

A trainer originating from Johto, Ethan, is set to arrive in Pokémon Masters. Ethan is paired up with Cyndaquil and is able to evolve all the way to Typhlosion! He is set to arrive within the next few days so keep an eye out for that spotlight.

Ethan is a five star strike class trainer. He is paired with Cyndaquil and its evolution, who are fire types that are weak to rock types. The line gets access to two powerful fire type moves, Flamethrower and Eruption. Ethan also provides an X Special Attack and his special move, Stoke the Fire! This moves restores a bit of the user’s HP and raises the user’s Speed and evasiveness. They also get access to the passive skill, Speeding Sun 2, which quickly charges the move gauge when the weather is sunny. In addition, once Ethan pairs with Typhlosion, they get access to the powerful sync move Fierce Flames Eruption.

With such a powerful new pair on the horizon, be sure to get him while you can!

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